Tuesday, March 4, 2014 //

{To catch up, you can read day one, day two and day three}

+ Morphine. Oh, Morphine! How I love you!!

Me on Morphine. It's true love.
+ I hadn't slept or ate in days, but Morphine makes life okay like that.

+ I had lots of visitors. Thank you to everyone who called, texted, visited, sent flowers/gifts/Facebook messages. I certainly felt the love! Seriously, I had a visitor before 8:00 AM and it was soo welcomed! 

+ More tests were done and sent to Salt Lake. The test for Lupus would not return for a week at the earliest. 

+ I got to shower and boy oh boy! It was sure easier to do while on Morphine. In the shower I felt like I was in a hotel, sans the part that I had a plastic tube coming out of my arm.

+ I had the most wonderful doctor, Dr. May. She was so pleasant, upbeat and compassionate. I will always be grateful for her.

+ My mama and sister were amazing. They catered to my every whim. :)

+ Blood draw, blood draws and more blood draws. I even got an ultra-sound. Guess what, no baby! But an enlarged spleen!

+ A more detailed mono test was done and came back negative. Apparently, the first mono test I was given was the one to tell if it is in you {whether or not it is dormant or not}. Once I told them I had already had mono before, they should have given me the second mono test, but that naughty original ER doc sent me home instead! Pff. Could have saved me some serious grief, dude.

+ Dr. May came in in the early afternoon so excited, "I think I found something!" She found research on serum sickness from minocycline {the antibiotic I was put on for the skin infection}. Serum sickness is essentially where your body views the medication as poison in your body and starts fighting it. This made so much sense to me, I was certain this was it. She told me a rheumotologist would be coming in later that day to check on me and discuss this diagnosis.

+ Meanwhile, this peach would sit on the side of my bed and read to me. As Juan Pablo would say, "I like him. A LOT." ;)

+ When the rheumotoligist came in he was skeptical of the serum sickness diagnosis, but said we would just have to wait on test results. I was skeptical of his skepticism.

+ Co-workers brought me some air fresheners with a note that said, "Lupus stinks". Haha! And some hangers with a note that said, "Hang in there". For those who I work with, you will know why hangers are a big deal.

+ Back to Morphine, it made me feel SO good I was baffled why I was still in the hospital. When Dr. May told me the rheumotologist would be checking in again after 5:00 PM I laughed. "I am still going to be here at five?" She said, "Yes, you aren't going home today." Haha. Oh, Morphine, you builder of false hopes and dreams.

+ I received more cream cheese brownies that you could ever even imagine!!!!

+ The day ended with no diagnosis and no further information. :|

+ Typing really does cause me a lot of pain, so I am going to stop here. I will try and finish up the hospital visit tomorrow, unless you would prefer a Facebook Finds Friday. Let me know which you prefer. :)


Belinda Olsen said...

Tell the rest of the story! I am sorry though that this story is one that involves you being at the hospital :(

Amy Fashion Blog said...

glad you had so many wonderful people to help you out.

Savanna said...

The rest of the story is what I vote for... Lol I'm so curious!!

Cari Chapman said...

Definitely want to hear the rest of the story! :)

Cheri said...

Please finish the rest of the story!

Sophie McIntyre said...

I'm sorry that you were in so much pain! But I definitely want to hear (or, well read) the rest of the story.

Summer said...

I vote for hospital story!

steve and jessica said...

I am sorry that you have been so sick. I hope that things are going better now!

Sarah said...

Story!!! I need a diagnosis!

Jennie said...

STORY! I'm sorry you are feeling crappy, and I hope you feel better soon!

Lindi said...

Im so sorry you have been in so much pain.hope your well soon.

Mitch Zundel said...

You're killing me smalls! :) Get to the finish...ha ha

Christy said...

This is terrible! Mindy I am so sorry. :(

Christy said...
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