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Fair warning, this is long ... and not the end. :( I really thought I could get this in one post. I am really confident I can get it in one more. ;)

Monday, March 3, 2013 //

 + The ER released me with a diagnosis of mono at 3:00 AM. 

+ This felt nothing like mono, at least compared to the last time I had it.

+ I had been given Lortab and Valium for the pain. I tried to go to sleep when I got home, but couldn't because of the severe pain I was in.

+ I gave up on trying to sleep around 5:00 PM and decided to try to get into the shower to see if that could relive some pain. It took me 45 minutes to undress myself to get in the shower and additional 45 minutes to get dressed afterwards.

+ At 6:50 I called my mom to come get me {as I knew there was no way I could drive}.

+ Most of this day was a blur. I did have my mom take me to my "witch" doctor to see if there was anything she could do for me. I spent 2.5 hours with witch doctor and no pain was relived whatsoever.

+ All during this time I was unable to maneuver my hands to do simple tasks such as opening doors, putting on my seat belt, cutting food, etc. My mom would have to lift my legs in and out of the car. 

+ At some point I notice my hand has started to swell significantly. I couldn't bend or move my fingers at all on my left hand. 

+ I began vomiting. A lot. 

+ Anytime I had to move my arms the pain was so intense I would start crying.

+ I could not walk normal still. 

+  Mom decided it was time to go back to the ER.

+ The triage nurse? Well, it was the same peach from the night before. She said, in a not-so-pleasant tone, "Well, you're back." Yeah, crazy. You send me home in that much pain, I am probably going to be back. 

+ New doctor. New nurses. So.kind. The doctor came in and immediately said so genuinely, "I am so sorry you are in so much pain."

+ Pink IV again! :)

+ They did a battery of tests.

+ My mom had to continually prop and re-prop pillows under my legs, hips, arms, elbows, hands, neck and back to alleviate the pain for five to 10 minutes, even though I was on a new pain med.

+ The new nurse had questions about my symptoms and how I was diagnosed with mono. I told her I hadn't slept in two days. "Wow, that's the exact opposite of mono." Thank you! That is what I had been trying to tell people the night before!

+ I was hooked up to all the machines. One started beeping very loudly. For a moment I thought, "That is annoying ..." but it very quickly turned into, "You know, I don't even seem to care that it is beeping ... this is nice." It was then the nurses rushed in to put me on oxygen. Apparently, when you stop breathing, obnoxious noises aren't a problem, pain goes away and you don't care about a thing! Here's to no breathing ALL the time! ;)

+ I had probably been in the ER for five or so hours at this point when the doctor returned and said, "I cannot send you home in this much pain, but under current Obamacare, I cannot keep you. But, I will find a loophole!"

+ He sent in an Internal doctor. He asked me every question you could ever imagine, including where I get my milk {which apparently I answered, "At Walmart"}, to where I got my drinking water. At one point, I am told, he asked me about a question and I answered, "Isn't that an STD?! I don't have an STD!"

+ The talk before admitting me was Lupus and potentially rheumatoid arthritis.

+ I was officially admitted to the hospital around 3:00 AM. I made it to my room to have more blood drawn, chest x-rays taken, preventative blood clot shots given and a slew of other things.

+ Sleep still did not come. :(

+ While they assumed I still had mono, they knew this couldn't be "just" mono ... but had no idea what.

And I really, really promise to get to the goods tomorrow. P.S. You'll definitely want to return tomorrow anyway because there is going to be a ... giveaway to one of my favorite stores! 


deveney said...

Oh. MY. GOSH. Good gracious lady! I am so sorry that you are having to deal with all this, I hope it got sorted out and you are on the mend. I have been praying for you, hang in there! I am looking forward to the conclusion tomorrow:)

jenn miltenberger said...

Wow just wow, I'm hoping Part 4 comes with a real diagnosis. I'm sorry you've been through all this. :(

Meg said...

I am so sorry you had to go through all this. I dislike hospitals for many reasons. In my recent experience the nurses were nice enough, but they didn't seem to think much of my pain, either. I was wondering if I had to be acting like a crazy woman to be believed.

Cheri said...

Omg the suspense is really really killing me! I will have to read again tomorrow!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Man you are keeping us hanging. All I keep thinking is maybe it was a stoke. I'm so happy your mom was there to help you out.

MorgHarpNich.com said...

hoping for better results in part 4 of the story!
sorry that you're having to go through this

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