Recap: The week of February 24 through the first of March I was tired, tired, tired and still thinking I had a sinus infection and still waiting on finishing up my antibiotic for my skin infection to get a stronger one for the sinus infection. To get the full cap {??} go here. :)

 /Sunday, March 2, 2014 // 

+ I woke up throughout the night with strange pains in my wrists. I have had tendinitis before, so I was thinking that was all it was.

+ I tried to go to Church, but felt so awful with the sinus infection that I went to Instacare instead. I was prescribed a new antibiotic. I left feeling ... ridiculous. I strongly dislike when doctors act like what you are going through is no big deal. I considered telling the doctor about the strange pain in my wrists, but if he didn't care about a sinus infection, why would he care about my hands?

+ The day progressed and so did the pain in my wrists. It moved through my hands entirely and up my arms. In my hands it felt like tendonitis and they were getting very tight. In my arms {biceps and triceps} it felt like torn muscles.

+ I spent a few hours with Cory and the pain continued to increase. I found myself holding my arms and hands into my body as any extension or movement hurt. The pain then moved into my leg.

+ As I drove home from Cory's house, I could barely drive. My arms hurt too badly and were too weak to hold onto the steering wheel. The pain had moved into my left leg also. I tried to put my bag over my shoulder, but could not lift my arm high enough to put it on.

+ I fell into a chair when I walked into my house and texted my doctor friend. I told him what was going on and he told me I had to go to the ER immediately. I told him I had texted a friend for a spiritual blessing. My doctor friend called immediately and said, "Promise me you will go to the ER tonight." I promised.

+ I was able to get a blessing, but had to have the assistance of two men to get me out of the chair. When I tried to stand my quads just burned and I shook, I was too weak to stand. 

+ Roommate Claire  assisted me into her car and drove me to the ER.

+ I couldn't sign my name to sign myself in. :)

+  The triage nurse ... was less than pleasant. Once again, I realize you might see people in pain {and in a lot worse pain than I was, even dying people}, but to me, this isn't an every day occurrence, please treat me with some compassion.

+ Walking into the room in the ER I saw a robe and was instructed I had to put it on. I joked with the triage nurse, "Oh, I was hoping I wouldn't have to wear one of those." She said a little snooty, "Well, what did you expect?" Uh, I clearly wasn't expecting a gown. Whatevs.

+ However, I did get a pink IV!

+ I tried to get dressed on my own {difficult} and while Claire and triage nurse were outside of the room, I heard the nurse ask Claire, "Are you her daughter?" I called out the room, "I look old enough to have a 23-year-old daughter!?"

+ I had told the nurse of my skin infection and where it was located. However, when she saw it, she asked, "Is that a really big pimple you picked at?" Phenomenal beside manners. 

+ The nurse was convinced I had influenza. I told Claire, "If this is influenza, I am the biggest wuss in the world!" Do you know how they test for influenza? Zoo-eee-mama! I die! Thank you for tickling my brain with your plastic stick via my nostril - twice!

+ Claire had to help me drink water, lift my legs into the bed, move up on the bed. She stood on a chair to turn on the TV and change the stations to keep us entertained. 

+ Everything that touched the bed hurt. 

+ Claire informed me that the man waiting in the ER before us had to get six stitches in three different locations. It sounded like an episode of Snapped to me. I told Claire if that couple was going to be on Snapped, we could be on Teen Mom, but it would have to be renamed Elementary School Mom, after all, I birthed Claire as a child. 

+ The doctor was pleasant.  He wanted me tested for mono. 

+ They asked me for a urine sample. Okay, can you remove the one that is currently in the bathroom before I give you mine?

+ When the mono test came back it came back positive. I informed the doctor I had had mono before and it didn't feel anything like this. He kindly, but almost flippantly, said, "Yeah, it can manifest in many different ways."

+ And with that, they sent me home with some Lortab and Valium for the pain. Claire had to get me dressed as I still couldn't get my legs out of bed or lift my arms. As I literally hobbled out to the car I said to Claire, "They send people home in this much pain?"

And with that, I am finished for today. I thought I was going to go big and get it all done in two installments, but I guess we are going for three. :)

Come back tomorrow for the rest! 

P.S. Days later I found out what Claire does while I lie dying in the ER. She takes selfies ... on my phone. ;)


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Sound super scary. Glad you made it safe and had so glad You had someone take you to the hospital

Savanna said...

I had mono a couple of years ago and it was the worst. I feel your pain, can't wait to read the rest.

Zachary Rittel said...

I had no idea it was this bad, this is so scary, I'm so glad your ok. And why were your nurses so rude! I hope you got aleast one sweet/nice one? I'm dying to hear the rest of your story! hope your doing better!

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