The daaaay, I almost died | Part I

That title is written to the tune of "The Day the Music Died" ... just in case you didn't catch on. :)

I have had a lot of questions regarding my health and why I was in the hospital.

I have answered much because I currently don't have all the answers and I was just too sick to answer.

Plus, I had so many people to answer to, it was just impossible to do {the curse of having so many great people in my life I guess}. So, I figured I would give the briefest version possible on here. And I am not kidding, this is the briefest version. :)

So, put on your belts and here.we.go!

 //Saturday, February 8, 2013//

+ I came down with some mild cold symptoms. Cough, congested, headache, sore throat. I began taking Cold-Eeze, which pretty much put a stop to the furthering of your symptoms.

+ I was still a tad sick the rest of the week and tired, but thought nothing of it. 

// Monday, February 17, 2013 - President's Day //

+ I was doing homework and had an itch on my neck. I scratched it and felt intense pain. Even though it was a light scratch/touch, I had opened the skin. It was weird and didn't think too much of it.

+ Later that night I found a red splotch on my face. I barely grazed my finger across it and it opened and then I started to panic. Why was my skin falling apart upon being touched?

 + See attractive photos here and here. :) Don't worry, not graphic.

 // Tuesday, February 18, 2013 //

+ I got into the dermatologist as soon as I could. I was told it was a skin infection, possibly a result from my cold. I was put on a very mild, low grade antibiotic to eliminate the infection.  I would be on the antibiotic for approximately 10 days.

+ I stayed home from work that day and the following to give the antibiotic 24 hours to ensure I wasn't contagious.

 // Thursday, February 20, 2013 //

+ I returned to work and was just entirely beat. While my cold symptoms had appeared to go away for a few days, they appeared to be coming back. 

// Friday, February 21, 2013 //

I tried to make it to work and only lasted two hours. I consulted with my doctor friend and he said it was most likely a sinus infection. He said I probably needed an antibiotic to get over it, but I held off on getting one so I could finish the antibiotic for my skin. For some reason, I felt like getting the nast off my face and neck was a priority. ;)

 // Monday, February 24, 2013 //

This week began and I started to think I was on the mend

But I was wrong ... oh, so wrong.

Return tomorrow to find out what else went down, which resulted in two runs to the emergency room and me starting to stop breathing! 

P.S. We have a giveaway winner! Congratulations, Callie!


Cheri said...

Ughhhhhhhh the suspense!

Sophie McIntyre said...

I only just found your blog today... this is not now I wanted to start following your blog... and yet I have to know what happens next.

Sophie xxx

Sophie McIntyre said...
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Amy Fashion Blog said...

Congrats to the winner. You sure have been having a time with being sick. Have a great weekend

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