I just ...

+ I just wish grad school didn't involve quizzes. I mean, is that, like, asking too much?

+ I just wish my skin didn't have such an adverse response to the medications I was on, haven't been on and am on.

+ I just wish grad school homework would finish itself.

+ I just wish I could runaway to Disneyland. Like, yesterday. And stay, maybe forever.

+  I just wish my mom wasn't out of town. Sure, she will only be gone to St. George for maybe a week {to visit that hooligan brother of mine}, but I like it better when she is here. And my stomach does too!

+ I just wish I could move my hands without pain.

+ I just wish would stop getting random nose bleeds since getting out of the hospital.

+ I just wish could find an adorable pink and white striped phone case for my Samsung Galaxy G3.

+ I just wish the pillows on the couch could stay fluffed all the time.

+ I just wish the dishes would put themselves away.

+ I just wish #octoberhouse had air conditioning. Yup, it's 19* outside and I am worrying about when it gets 70+.

BUT {!!!}

+ The kitchen is clean {this makes me so happy!}

+ I finished two assignments last night and kind of feel like a small pub favorite {I felt like saying a rock star was too strong}

+ I got to eat at the Crepery last night with Claire and the fabulous Elise

+ I learned a local mortuary has Instgram and Pinterest accounts. This is amusing and I cannot wait for them to follow me! 

+ For the audit at work, I only have to provide transcripts for grad school, opposed to last time when I had to access my undergrad transcripts, write a new resume, find an evaluation on my SPED internship and write  a letter of interest all for a company I had already been working at for three years!

+ I am wearing pink pants.

+ I am taking cheese for snack one at work today. Snack two? Oh, snack two is just rolls from MADDOX!

+ And it is Wednesday. Not only does this mean we are halfway through the week, but it also means it is looking like a strong possibility I will make it through an entire week of work for the first time in a month! 

What about you? What is your wish list with a "but" ... :)


suburban prep said...

When I first developed the DVT I wished I could go back to before and have my life back.I know I have a good life. It hasn't been easy but it is mine for the making.
I wish that I had more energy at times but slowing down allows me to see what is going on around me.
All the best to you for a wonderful rest of the week.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I would love it if the dish could put them own self away

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I would love it if the dish could put them own self away

Cheri said...

I wish the only thing I definitely had to do all day was to run and to blog :)

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