Guys, I have a problem.

And I am not talking about my immune system failing {shocking, right?}.

I seriously have THE biggest struggle taking photos alone.

Put another human in with me and I am golden.

But alone?

I die.

toAdorn sent me these FABULOUS floral leggings the other day. I was uber excited to get the leggings. But I was terrified to try and get a decent photo in them because I knew I would be awkward.

That last photo? Yeah. It was taken after less than five minutes of trying to get a good one. I said, "Claire, do you think there is one I can use?" She responded in the affirmative so I said I was done and literally just walked away.

The other photos were mostly me saying, "Claire! What do I do with my arms?", "Claire, how do I stand?", "Claire, what do I do with my hands?"

And that smart Claire, she knew just what to do.

Phew. I am so glad that is over. 

Any tips or advice on how not to be awkward in photos by myself would be greatly appreciated! And not just by me, I am sure Claire would think the world of ya too {poor girl having to put up with such awkwardness}. So, advice away, please! And happy Wednesday! 

Have you heard of toAdorn? 

They are a daily deals clothing and accessory website {see their button on the left sidebar} that feature cheap prices on the most adorable items! 

New deals are posted every day at 12:00 AM and the deals remain for three days, so if you want it - you gotta get it! But I am talking UBER cheap and UBER adorable! You can even sign up for their newsletter and get 10% off your first purchase. 

I absolutely love my leggings they sent. They are cute, comfortable ANNNNND ... they were long enough for this five foot, 11 inched frame! That, my friends, is shocking!!!


Emmy Hornburg said...

I am SO awkward taking photos by myself! When I do for my blog, I just use a tripod so other people don't have to take photos of my awkwardness. lol

Brooklyn Jolley said...

You look cute! And I love those leggings!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

you look cute. I normal just put my hands behind my back.

Hannah T said...

So I am pretty sure we have THE EXACT same problem. I literally cannot pose to save my life! Some of my blog photos from yesterday were just HORRIFIC. like so awful, not even funny.

Seriously...who teaches people how to pose because I have to get into that school .

Sierra Ainge Charlesworth said...

I cannot take a photo alone. I can't do it!!!!!

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