Facebook Finds Friday | Well, that stinks.

I took a quiz this week for grad school.

There were trick questions on the quiz. So tricky in fact that I could find the answer in my textbook, answer it according to the textbook that we were instructed to get our information from, and I still got the answer wrong. Upon discussing this with my professor I was informed that I really should be taking my information in the future from another text. 

Is it just me or is anyone else disappointed by "trick" questions. How do they facilitate learning? And if one textbook is better than the other, why didn't you tell us that before the quiz? Sigh. My mind is blown. 

But thank goodness its Friday. I am just going to pretend that quiz didn't exist. I can do that because I frantically did the math and realized I could fail EVERY quiz this semester {P.S. I didn't fail the one I took this week} and do as well on all the other assignment that I have in previous classes and still get an A. 


Grad school, you are the bane of my existence {however, in August when I get a substantial pay raise to do the exact same job, I will love you ... deeply, profoundly}.

But enough about horribleness.

Let's talk about non-horribleness. 

The Jennifer Lawrence one just might be my favorite. Or the brownie one. Or the pants one. Or the flash one. Orrr the Obamacare one. ;)


Which one is your favorite? :)


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Amy Fashion Blog said...

Thanks for the laugh

Allison and Josh said...

I love these posts!!

jenn miltenberger said...

Brownies definitely make a great medicine :)

Meg said...

I think my favorite is the scissors one. :)

Sierra Ainge Charlesworth said...

Love these!!!! Hilarious!!!

Sophie Hawker said...

Oh gosh every one of these pictures made me smile! Can't go wring with brownies as medicine though ;) That sucks about the trick questions, I had a similar things recently, it's so frustrating!


bonbon said...

The Beiber fundraiser is brilliant! I will have to tell my high school to implement this!

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