Death & Dishes

For those of you who are new around these parts, I work as a behaviorist for people with disabilities. There is one client at work who has been uber concerned about my health. When I had my sinus/skin infection she would ask me every day, "If you hadn't gone to the doctor, would you have died?"

Yesterday, she asked how I was doing. And by golly, I finally found a response I like to give people! I told her, "A little bit better every day"

This client looked thrilled with that response and she so happily responded with, "That is so wonderful, good Mindy! That's what my grandma said right before she died!"

Uhhhhh ...

Strangely enough, this occurred on the same day that that local mortuary I was talking about {who has an Instagram and Pinterest account} friend requested me on Facebook. Is the world telling me something??

In happier news ... remember how I requested yesterday that the dishes put themselves away? Well, they did! I came home to every last dish, cup and piece of silverware put away!!! I would like to think it was done Sleeping Beauty Style. You know, where the fairies use their magic to bake the cake and clean the house?

And for all I know? That's exactly what happened {coughcoughorClaireputhemawaybutthereisnomagictothatcoughcough}.

Anyway! Enough nonsense! I want to introduce you to one of my sponsors, Whitney from Polka-Dotty Place! She blogs about almost everything. She is visiting today to give you a look inside some of the things she shares over in her space of the internet. Enjoy!


Hello Best Day Ever readers!! It’s SO nice to meet you. My name is Whitney and I blog at Polka-Dotty Place.

 I’m new to the South, am a teacher turned SAHM to Olive and I have two cats. I love to make lists, thrift, watch football, travel and eat cookies. I’ve been blogging for 3 years and LOVE to write about food, fashion, friends, family, trends, holidays & my baby girl. Please stop by and say hello!! Here is a little sampling of the things you can find on my blog:


Will someone make me those cookies? ;)

Happy Thursday, people!


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Going to have to go check her blog out.

Emmy Hornburg said...

That's what my grandma said right before she died?????? That's comforting... not.

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