Spring to the break


It's my second spring break this week! 

The first one was, like, a month ago. And I was in the hospital. That one was for school.

This one is NOW and it is for work. 

It is rough having two spring breaks, but somehow I manage. 

And to make spring break even MORE enjoyable, I have teamed up with some fantastic ladies for a wonderful giveaway!

Besides signing up for this fun giveaway, do you have any spring break plans???


Facebook Finds Friday | Well, that stinks.

I took a quiz this week for grad school.

There were trick questions on the quiz. So tricky in fact that I could find the answer in my textbook, answer it according to the textbook that we were instructed to get our information from, and I still got the answer wrong. Upon discussing this with my professor I was informed that I really should be taking my information in the future from another text. 

Is it just me or is anyone else disappointed by "trick" questions. How do they facilitate learning? And if one textbook is better than the other, why didn't you tell us that before the quiz? Sigh. My mind is blown. 

But thank goodness its Friday. I am just going to pretend that quiz didn't exist. I can do that because I frantically did the math and realized I could fail EVERY quiz this semester {P.S. I didn't fail the one I took this week} and do as well on all the other assignment that I have in previous classes and still get an A. 


Grad school, you are the bane of my existence {however, in August when I get a substantial pay raise to do the exact same job, I will love you ... deeply, profoundly}.

But enough about horribleness.

Let's talk about non-horribleness. 

The Jennifer Lawrence one just might be my favorite. Or the brownie one. Or the pants one. Or the flash one. Orrr the Obamacare one. ;)


Which one is your favorite? :)


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Guys, I have a problem.

And I am not talking about my immune system failing {shocking, right?}.

I seriously have THE biggest struggle taking photos alone.

Put another human in with me and I am golden.

But alone?

I die.

toAdorn sent me these FABULOUS floral leggings the other day. I was uber excited to get the leggings. But I was terrified to try and get a decent photo in them because I knew I would be awkward.

That last photo? Yeah. It was taken after less than five minutes of trying to get a good one. I said, "Claire, do you think there is one I can use?" She responded in the affirmative so I said I was done and literally just walked away.

The other photos were mostly me saying, "Claire! What do I do with my arms?", "Claire, how do I stand?", "Claire, what do I do with my hands?"

And that smart Claire, she knew just what to do.

Phew. I am so glad that is over. 

Any tips or advice on how not to be awkward in photos by myself would be greatly appreciated! And not just by me, I am sure Claire would think the world of ya too {poor girl having to put up with such awkwardness}. So, advice away, please! And happy Wednesday! 

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I absolutely love my leggings they sent. They are cute, comfortable ANNNNND ... they were long enough for this five foot, 11 inched frame! That, my friends, is shocking!!!


Death & Dishes

For those of you who are new around these parts, I work as a behaviorist for people with disabilities. There is one client at work who has been uber concerned about my health. When I had my sinus/skin infection she would ask me every day, "If you hadn't gone to the doctor, would you have died?"

Yesterday, she asked how I was doing. And by golly, I finally found a response I like to give people! I told her, "A little bit better every day"

This client looked thrilled with that response and she so happily responded with, "That is so wonderful, good Mindy! That's what my grandma said right before she died!"

Uhhhhh ...

Strangely enough, this occurred on the same day that that local mortuary I was talking about {who has an Instagram and Pinterest account} friend requested me on Facebook. Is the world telling me something??

In happier news ... remember how I requested yesterday that the dishes put themselves away? Well, they did! I came home to every last dish, cup and piece of silverware put away!!! I would like to think it was done Sleeping Beauty Style. You know, where the fairies use their magic to bake the cake and clean the house?

And for all I know? That's exactly what happened {coughcoughorClaireputhemawaybutthereisnomagictothatcoughcough}.

Anyway! Enough nonsense! I want to introduce you to one of my sponsors, Whitney from Polka-Dotty Place! She blogs about almost everything. She is visiting today to give you a look inside some of the things she shares over in her space of the internet. Enjoy!


Hello Best Day Ever readers!! It’s SO nice to meet you. My name is Whitney and I blog at Polka-Dotty Place.

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Will someone make me those cookies? ;)

Happy Thursday, people!


I just ...

+ I just wish grad school didn't involve quizzes. I mean, is that, like, asking too much?

+ I just wish my skin didn't have such an adverse response to the medications I was on, haven't been on and am on.

+ I just wish grad school homework would finish itself.

+ I just wish I could runaway to Disneyland. Like, yesterday. And stay, maybe forever.

+  I just wish my mom wasn't out of town. Sure, she will only be gone to St. George for maybe a week {to visit that hooligan brother of mine}, but I like it better when she is here. And my stomach does too!

+ I just wish I could move my hands without pain.

+ I just wish would stop getting random nose bleeds since getting out of the hospital.

+ I just wish could find an adorable pink and white striped phone case for my Samsung Galaxy G3.

+ I just wish the pillows on the couch could stay fluffed all the time.

+ I just wish the dishes would put themselves away.

+ I just wish #octoberhouse had air conditioning. Yup, it's 19* outside and I am worrying about when it gets 70+.

BUT {!!!}

+ The kitchen is clean {this makes me so happy!}

+ I finished two assignments last night and kind of feel like a small pub favorite {I felt like saying a rock star was too strong}

+ I got to eat at the Crepery last night with Claire and the fabulous Elise

+ I learned a local mortuary has Instgram and Pinterest accounts. This is amusing and I cannot wait for them to follow me! 

+ For the audit at work, I only have to provide transcripts for grad school, opposed to last time when I had to access my undergrad transcripts, write a new resume, find an evaluation on my SPED internship and write  a letter of interest all for a company I had already been working at for three years!

+ I am wearing pink pants.

+ I am taking cheese for snack one at work today. Snack two? Oh, snack two is just rolls from MADDOX!

+ And it is Wednesday. Not only does this mean we are halfway through the week, but it also means it is looking like a strong possibility I will make it through an entire week of work for the first time in a month! 

What about you? What is your wish list with a "but" ... :)


It's weird.

We won't always talk about my autoimmune failure.

But today we still are. ;)

I have finally been able to get out and about besides work and doctor appointments. When I see people who have read this blog they so pleasantly and happily ask me, "How are you doing!?" or say, "You are looking so good! How do you feel?"

And then things get awkward.

This is me being awkward. Not because someone asked me a question, but because I am taking a photo by myself.

Because I don't know how to answer.

I don't know how to answer because the socially acceptable way to answer that is, "Great!!" or "Thanks! I am so good!"

It's awkward to give anything less, even if it is a lie. Because those statements would be a lie. And I really, really hate lying and being disgenuine. BUT!! I also don't want to be a Debby Downer {poor Debby's out there who get such a depressing alliteration}.

Sure, I am waaaay better than I was pre-Morphine. But the truth is, I am in pain almost every moment of every day. Let me be clear, sometimes it is very mild and minimal. But pain every day and my muscles are so weak that I was carrying a 23.7 flo oz Smartwater water bottle yesterday and my hand just let it go. From my knowledge, I didn't tell it to do that.

I did start answering with a smile and "I'm okay."

That has garnered similar responses, "Good!", "That's wonderful!"

In my world "okay" is a step higher than fine and we all know fine is NO GOOD {just ask your husbands how they feel when you give that answer!}. So, while it leaves me feeling a tad awkward in the conversation, I guess I am glad that people are so glad I am alive and among the living.

How do you answer people when they ask how you are doing and you aren't doing well without feeling like a liar?? I could sure use some advice.

P.S. I could clearly also use some advice on how to take photos alone.


Oh, I am showing up on this blog today. Because I am cool like that ... or just because I am a Mormon. :)


The toAdorn and Target Gift Card giveaways are closed. Because I am not running the entry widget, I cannot announce the winners until I am notified by the hosts of each giveaway. I hope one of my lucky readers win!! :)



Wednesday, March 5, 2014 //

+ I still hadn't been sleeping. Last night of full sleep was Friday.

+ Pain was fab. As in it wasn't there. Although joints all still swollen.

+ This actually happened yesterday, but they sent me in a person to force me to get a primary care physician. I found this amusing. Clearly, I have gone since my peditrician without needing one and having one when this occurred would not have helped {it was the weekend and even if it wasn't, I would have been sent to the ER anyway}.

+ They set me up with a "Getting to know you" meeting with my new primary care physician. Whatevs.

+ Dr. May returned in the wee morning hours to tell me that they were probably going to go ahead with a steroid to get the inflammation down.

+ Around lunchtime I was provided with the first steroid. Immediate rejection by my body, as in I was allergic to it.

+ Provided with an alternative steroid a few hours later and guess what? IT WORKED.

+ With inflammation going down and the annihilation of whatever it was that was causing me to be ill, they prepped to send me HOME!!

+ I was sent home Wednesday afternoon. My mama picked me up some Olive Garden on the way home. Nom, nom, nom.

+ Plus all my medications they prescribed me.

+ And a shake. I think I have had a shake every day since I got out of the hospital. No lie. Maybe that is why people keep inviting me to It Works! Wraps parties. ;)

+ I had a follow up appointment not only with my primary care physician, but the rheumotologist as well for the following week. 

+ Upon returning home, I learned I was allergic to the pain medication they provided me. I walked into the hospital Sunday evening allergic to nothing and three days later, my body is rejecting the majority of all medications given to me.

+ I was told I could have Tylenol for my pain.Tylenol, people. WHERE.IS.THE.MORPHINE.NOW? ;) I am not to take any medications without consulting with my physician first because my body might reject them. 

+ Speaking of Morphine, clearly my new favorite drugs/topic/thing in the world, while recovering at home I saw a documentary on Phillip Seymore Hoffan and Heroin. And do you know what I learned? Heroin turns into Morphin in your body! Ah, the world makes so much more sense now! I now know why people turn into Heroin addicts. Mmmm, mmmm, MORPHINE!

Every Day Since Then //

+ I have pain almost every waking and sleeping moment of every day. 

+ It is still difficult to hold my arms up at times to drive.

+ Knobs of every kind are difficult {door knobs, sink faucets, etc.}. 

+ Typing is very painful. The swelling has gone down, but my fingers, hands and arms have taken the brunt of the pain. Although, pain shows up literally anywhere at any point during the day.

+ I am very weak. It is sometimes hard to push the car door open or open doors into stores, etc. 

+ I missed about two weeks of the last three of work. I returned for a half day of work this past Monday, a full day Tuesday, Wednesday off and am holding strong Thursday and Friday. :)

+ At my follow up appointment on Monday my rheumotologist said, "You're a mystery to me." All of my tests came back negative. Every.last.one. He said he believes they were all false negatives, which means today I get to go back in to the doctor and be re-tested for everything. Apparently, if you have tests done too closely to the symptoms, you can get the false negatives.

+ What does this all come down to? I am in autoimmune failure and they have no.idea.why. {Stephanie, you were right!}

+ Final thoughts {until test results that will be taken today come back}: I don't know what to think. My gut is telling me this isn't going to be a chronic or permanent problem. There is part of me that really does think it is serum sickness from the minocycline. Although, I do wonder, would I still have symptoms 14 days after coming off that medication? I just don't know.

+ And there you have it. A bit of a let down, right? ;) Don't worry, it's my life and my body and I feel the exact same way. 

+ If you have any questions at all, I would be more than happy to answer. :) I will provide an update when I get my second round of test results. Until then, friends, love your autoimmune system and thank it for not going into complete failure. :)


To catch up on the entire saga you can read up here:


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Tuesday, March 4, 2014 //

{To catch up, you can read day one, day two and day three}

+ Morphine. Oh, Morphine! How I love you!!

Me on Morphine. It's true love.
+ I hadn't slept or ate in days, but Morphine makes life okay like that.

+ I had lots of visitors. Thank you to everyone who called, texted, visited, sent flowers/gifts/Facebook messages. I certainly felt the love! Seriously, I had a visitor before 8:00 AM and it was soo welcomed! 

+ More tests were done and sent to Salt Lake. The test for Lupus would not return for a week at the earliest. 

+ I got to shower and boy oh boy! It was sure easier to do while on Morphine. In the shower I felt like I was in a hotel, sans the part that I had a plastic tube coming out of my arm.

+ I had the most wonderful doctor, Dr. May. She was so pleasant, upbeat and compassionate. I will always be grateful for her.

+ My mama and sister were amazing. They catered to my every whim. :)

+ Blood draw, blood draws and more blood draws. I even got an ultra-sound. Guess what, no baby! But an enlarged spleen!

+ A more detailed mono test was done and came back negative. Apparently, the first mono test I was given was the one to tell if it is in you {whether or not it is dormant or not}. Once I told them I had already had mono before, they should have given me the second mono test, but that naughty original ER doc sent me home instead! Pff. Could have saved me some serious grief, dude.

+ Dr. May came in in the early afternoon so excited, "I think I found something!" She found research on serum sickness from minocycline {the antibiotic I was put on for the skin infection}. Serum sickness is essentially where your body views the medication as poison in your body and starts fighting it. This made so much sense to me, I was certain this was it. She told me a rheumotologist would be coming in later that day to check on me and discuss this diagnosis.

+ Meanwhile, this peach would sit on the side of my bed and read to me. As Juan Pablo would say, "I like him. A LOT." ;)

+ When the rheumotoligist came in he was skeptical of the serum sickness diagnosis, but said we would just have to wait on test results. I was skeptical of his skepticism.

+ Co-workers brought me some air fresheners with a note that said, "Lupus stinks". Haha! And some hangers with a note that said, "Hang in there". For those who I work with, you will know why hangers are a big deal.

+ Back to Morphine, it made me feel SO good I was baffled why I was still in the hospital. When Dr. May told me the rheumotologist would be checking in again after 5:00 PM I laughed. "I am still going to be here at five?" She said, "Yes, you aren't going home today." Haha. Oh, Morphine, you builder of false hopes and dreams.

+ I received more cream cheese brownies that you could ever even imagine!!!!

+ The day ended with no diagnosis and no further information. :|

+ Typing really does cause me a lot of pain, so I am going to stop here. I will try and finish up the hospital visit tomorrow, unless you would prefer a Facebook Finds Friday. Let me know which you prefer. :)


Oh, the horror ... of dating!

Hi, friends.

I did a little guest post with the Life of Bon last week {fortunately I had written the post before I was hospitalized}. She suggested I write something that stood out.

I was in a stupor of thought for a bit. I mean, what could I write about that would be good enough for the infamous Life of Bon?! And then it hit me.

I could share with the world my grand idea for a book.

It would be titled, "I could be married if I wanted to be ... to a PSYCHO". And then each chapter would be dedicated to a psycho.

And here is a little taste of how that book would go down ...

Psycho One

This chapter would be about psycho one who took me on several dates. And guys, I just wasn't feeling it. His core beliefs and mine just didn't jive, and he would stand on my doorstep for two hours while I had the door partially open {trying to hint the night was over}. While those minor things did not get him into psycho level, he got there anyway. We had a very civil conversation about how I just wasn't feeling it but we could still be friends. Not even 24 hours after we had the "just friends" talk he called me up and asked me to dinner. I asked him where I could meet him. He said he would pick me up. I said, "Were you planning on paying for my dinner as well?" When he said he was, I told him, "I thought we established less than 24 hours ago we were just going to be friends?"

His response?

"YOU established that."

Unfortunately, he didn't understand relationships don't need a majority rule.

Psycho Two

He challenged me to a meatball rolling competition at Olive Garden. Need I say more?

Psycho Three

Man: Would you like to meet up for lunch tomorrow?

Mindy: Will your wife be joining us?

Man: No, I was hoping it would just be the two of us

::crickets chirping::

Psycho Four

This one is graphic. Read at your own risk.

This man worked at a beef packaging plant. I am okay with unique forms of employment. The problem I had with him was the same boots he would wear to hose down the blood off the walls, he would wear to Church ... and on our dates.

Guys, I can get past socks and sandals. I can. But I cannot get past bloody boots. Literally, I am not even try to be offensively British here. They.literally.were.bloody.

Plus, he didn't believe in cars. Or Walmart. In two feet of snow and a bloody blizzard in Logan, Utah {that one I was trying to be offensively British}, he would ride his bike. 

And refusing to EVER go into Walmart? I go there like three times in one day. This union clearly would not work.

Psycho Five

I went on about four or five dates before Psycho Five turned into a psycho. Although, there were definitely red flags such as trying to and eventually successfully tricking me into meeting his family within the first two weeks of knowing him and then wanting to joke to them that we were in engaged. But that isn't what gave him his title.

No, no. That came when he was talking about making his wife sign a FAT CONTRACT. Yes, you read that right. He was going to have his future wife sign a contract with her promising she would not get fat. Appalled I said, "So, if we got married, and I gave birth to five of your babies and I gained five pounds after all of that, you would find me less attractive?"

His answer?


Psycho Six

The man who did my genealogy work and shows up to my deceased relatives viewings and funerals to find me. No.lie.

So, yeah ...

Do you think that book will work? 

Better yet, what dating horror story{ies} could you add? Feel free to head over to Life with Bon and link up your dating horror stories to join the fun!

P.S. Forgive me for no photos.

And, an update of my hospital visit is coming, I swear!


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P.S. Yes, I will have installment four of the hospital later today!!

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If you are behind, you can read part one here and part two here. :)

Fair warning, this is long ... and not the end. :( I really thought I could get this in one post. I am really confident I can get it in one more. ;)

Monday, March 3, 2013 //

 + The ER released me with a diagnosis of mono at 3:00 AM. 

+ This felt nothing like mono, at least compared to the last time I had it.

+ I had been given Lortab and Valium for the pain. I tried to go to sleep when I got home, but couldn't because of the severe pain I was in.

+ I gave up on trying to sleep around 5:00 PM and decided to try to get into the shower to see if that could relive some pain. It took me 45 minutes to undress myself to get in the shower and additional 45 minutes to get dressed afterwards.

+ At 6:50 I called my mom to come get me {as I knew there was no way I could drive}.

+ Most of this day was a blur. I did have my mom take me to my "witch" doctor to see if there was anything she could do for me. I spent 2.5 hours with witch doctor and no pain was relived whatsoever.

+ All during this time I was unable to maneuver my hands to do simple tasks such as opening doors, putting on my seat belt, cutting food, etc. My mom would have to lift my legs in and out of the car. 

+ At some point I notice my hand has started to swell significantly. I couldn't bend or move my fingers at all on my left hand. 

+ I began vomiting. A lot. 

+ Anytime I had to move my arms the pain was so intense I would start crying.

+ I could not walk normal still. 

+  Mom decided it was time to go back to the ER.

+ The triage nurse? Well, it was the same peach from the night before. She said, in a not-so-pleasant tone, "Well, you're back." Yeah, crazy. You send me home in that much pain, I am probably going to be back. 

+ New doctor. New nurses. So.kind. The doctor came in and immediately said so genuinely, "I am so sorry you are in so much pain."

+ Pink IV again! :)

+ They did a battery of tests.

+ My mom had to continually prop and re-prop pillows under my legs, hips, arms, elbows, hands, neck and back to alleviate the pain for five to 10 minutes, even though I was on a new pain med.

+ The new nurse had questions about my symptoms and how I was diagnosed with mono. I told her I hadn't slept in two days. "Wow, that's the exact opposite of mono." Thank you! That is what I had been trying to tell people the night before!

+ I was hooked up to all the machines. One started beeping very loudly. For a moment I thought, "That is annoying ..." but it very quickly turned into, "You know, I don't even seem to care that it is beeping ... this is nice." It was then the nurses rushed in to put me on oxygen. Apparently, when you stop breathing, obnoxious noises aren't a problem, pain goes away and you don't care about a thing! Here's to no breathing ALL the time! ;)

+ I had probably been in the ER for five or so hours at this point when the doctor returned and said, "I cannot send you home in this much pain, but under current Obamacare, I cannot keep you. But, I will find a loophole!"

+ He sent in an Internal doctor. He asked me every question you could ever imagine, including where I get my milk {which apparently I answered, "At Walmart"}, to where I got my drinking water. At one point, I am told, he asked me about a question and I answered, "Isn't that an STD?! I don't have an STD!"

+ The talk before admitting me was Lupus and potentially rheumatoid arthritis.

+ I was officially admitted to the hospital around 3:00 AM. I made it to my room to have more blood drawn, chest x-rays taken, preventative blood clot shots given and a slew of other things.

+ Sleep still did not come. :(

+ While they assumed I still had mono, they knew this couldn't be "just" mono ... but had no idea what.

And I really, really promise to get to the goods tomorrow. P.S. You'll definitely want to return tomorrow anyway because there is going to be a ... giveaway to one of my favorite stores! 



Recap: The week of February 24 through the first of March I was tired, tired, tired and still thinking I had a sinus infection and still waiting on finishing up my antibiotic for my skin infection to get a stronger one for the sinus infection. To get the full cap {??} go here. :)

 /Sunday, March 2, 2014 // 

+ I woke up throughout the night with strange pains in my wrists. I have had tendinitis before, so I was thinking that was all it was.

+ I tried to go to Church, but felt so awful with the sinus infection that I went to Instacare instead. I was prescribed a new antibiotic. I left feeling ... ridiculous. I strongly dislike when doctors act like what you are going through is no big deal. I considered telling the doctor about the strange pain in my wrists, but if he didn't care about a sinus infection, why would he care about my hands?

+ The day progressed and so did the pain in my wrists. It moved through my hands entirely and up my arms. In my hands it felt like tendonitis and they were getting very tight. In my arms {biceps and triceps} it felt like torn muscles.

+ I spent a few hours with Cory and the pain continued to increase. I found myself holding my arms and hands into my body as any extension or movement hurt. The pain then moved into my leg.

+ As I drove home from Cory's house, I could barely drive. My arms hurt too badly and were too weak to hold onto the steering wheel. The pain had moved into my left leg also. I tried to put my bag over my shoulder, but could not lift my arm high enough to put it on.

+ I fell into a chair when I walked into my house and texted my doctor friend. I told him what was going on and he told me I had to go to the ER immediately. I told him I had texted a friend for a spiritual blessing. My doctor friend called immediately and said, "Promise me you will go to the ER tonight." I promised.

+ I was able to get a blessing, but had to have the assistance of two men to get me out of the chair. When I tried to stand my quads just burned and I shook, I was too weak to stand. 

+ Roommate Claire  assisted me into her car and drove me to the ER.

+ I couldn't sign my name to sign myself in. :)

+  The triage nurse ... was less than pleasant. Once again, I realize you might see people in pain {and in a lot worse pain than I was, even dying people}, but to me, this isn't an every day occurrence, please treat me with some compassion.

+ Walking into the room in the ER I saw a robe and was instructed I had to put it on. I joked with the triage nurse, "Oh, I was hoping I wouldn't have to wear one of those." She said a little snooty, "Well, what did you expect?" Uh, I clearly wasn't expecting a gown. Whatevs.

+ However, I did get a pink IV!

+ I tried to get dressed on my own {difficult} and while Claire and triage nurse were outside of the room, I heard the nurse ask Claire, "Are you her daughter?" I called out the room, "I look old enough to have a 23-year-old daughter!?"

+ I had told the nurse of my skin infection and where it was located. However, when she saw it, she asked, "Is that a really big pimple you picked at?" Phenomenal beside manners. 

+ The nurse was convinced I had influenza. I told Claire, "If this is influenza, I am the biggest wuss in the world!" Do you know how they test for influenza? Zoo-eee-mama! I die! Thank you for tickling my brain with your plastic stick via my nostril - twice!

+ Claire had to help me drink water, lift my legs into the bed, move up on the bed. She stood on a chair to turn on the TV and change the stations to keep us entertained. 

+ Everything that touched the bed hurt. 

+ Claire informed me that the man waiting in the ER before us had to get six stitches in three different locations. It sounded like an episode of Snapped to me. I told Claire if that couple was going to be on Snapped, we could be on Teen Mom, but it would have to be renamed Elementary School Mom, after all, I birthed Claire as a child. 

+ The doctor was pleasant.  He wanted me tested for mono. 

+ They asked me for a urine sample. Okay, can you remove the one that is currently in the bathroom before I give you mine?

+ When the mono test came back it came back positive. I informed the doctor I had had mono before and it didn't feel anything like this. He kindly, but almost flippantly, said, "Yeah, it can manifest in many different ways."

+ And with that, they sent me home with some Lortab and Valium for the pain. Claire had to get me dressed as I still couldn't get my legs out of bed or lift my arms. As I literally hobbled out to the car I said to Claire, "They send people home in this much pain?"

And with that, I am finished for today. I thought I was going to go big and get it all done in two installments, but I guess we are going for three. :)

Come back tomorrow for the rest! 

P.S. Days later I found out what Claire does while I lie dying in the ER. She takes selfies ... on my phone. ;)


The daaaay, I almost died | Part I

That title is written to the tune of "The Day the Music Died" ... just in case you didn't catch on. :)

I have had a lot of questions regarding my health and why I was in the hospital.

I have answered much because I currently don't have all the answers and I was just too sick to answer.

Plus, I had so many people to answer to, it was just impossible to do {the curse of having so many great people in my life I guess}. So, I figured I would give the briefest version possible on here. And I am not kidding, this is the briefest version. :)

So, put on your belts and here.we.go!

 //Saturday, February 8, 2013//

+ I came down with some mild cold symptoms. Cough, congested, headache, sore throat. I began taking Cold-Eeze, which pretty much put a stop to the furthering of your symptoms.

+ I was still a tad sick the rest of the week and tired, but thought nothing of it. 

// Monday, February 17, 2013 - President's Day //

+ I was doing homework and had an itch on my neck. I scratched it and felt intense pain. Even though it was a light scratch/touch, I had opened the skin. It was weird and didn't think too much of it.

+ Later that night I found a red splotch on my face. I barely grazed my finger across it and it opened and then I started to panic. Why was my skin falling apart upon being touched?

 + See attractive photos here and here. :) Don't worry, not graphic.

 // Tuesday, February 18, 2013 //

+ I got into the dermatologist as soon as I could. I was told it was a skin infection, possibly a result from my cold. I was put on a very mild, low grade antibiotic to eliminate the infection.  I would be on the antibiotic for approximately 10 days.

+ I stayed home from work that day and the following to give the antibiotic 24 hours to ensure I wasn't contagious.

 // Thursday, February 20, 2013 //

+ I returned to work and was just entirely beat. While my cold symptoms had appeared to go away for a few days, they appeared to be coming back. 

// Friday, February 21, 2013 //

I tried to make it to work and only lasted two hours. I consulted with my doctor friend and he said it was most likely a sinus infection. He said I probably needed an antibiotic to get over it, but I held off on getting one so I could finish the antibiotic for my skin. For some reason, I felt like getting the nast off my face and neck was a priority. ;)

 // Monday, February 24, 2013 //

This week began and I started to think I was on the mend

But I was wrong ... oh, so wrong.

Return tomorrow to find out what else went down, which resulted in two runs to the emergency room and me starting to stop breathing! 

P.S. We have a giveaway winner! Congratulations, Callie!


I wasn't kidding ...

When I said I was down and out.

I've spent the week in the hospital.

More to come later.Maybe tomorrow if I am feeling better by then.

Hope your week has been, at worst, a tad more pleasant than mine. ;)


Down & Out

I've been sick for over three weeks, people. Three weeks.

Angles can be deceiving // Bandaids got banned by the dermatologist // The life of a leper is difficult
Cold turn skin infection turn sinus infection turn joint pain, dental pressure, hives. 

Graphic? You betcha. Just imagine living it.

Cold/skin infection/sinus infection/joint pain/dental pressure/hive/did I leave anything out? makes blogging difficult. I mean, those things are gross. And who wants to read a blog about gross things.

But cold/skin infection/sinus infection/joint pain/dental pressure/hive/did I leave anything out? has kind of taken over my life. I missed about a week of work and the days I have gone, when I get home I am almost too beaten down to do homework. Because, grad school doesn't stop for cold/skin infection/sinus infection/joint pain/dental pressure/hive/did I leave anything out?, does it?

Besides going to the dermatologist for the skin infection, I haven't gone to the doctor. But I think I am going to break today. My hands hurts people, my hands!

And my throat feels ... smaller. Is that possible? I mean, I am still obviously getting air in and out of there, but it's not normal.

I guess this is just to say I know I have blogged about gross things. I know I have blogged minimally. And hopefully this visit to Instacare will put a stop to both of those things so we can go on with our normally schedule ridiculous and pointless posts in the near future.

That's all. 

Actually, that's not all. At least my leper/zombie status has provided some water cooler talk for some loved one and co-workers.

At least you know you're safe. The guy that I have been dating for the past year is willing to put me down. If that isn't love, I don't know what is. :)

And really, that is all. :)


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