When should you get married?

Well, it's the week o' love, peeps.

Did you think you would escape a Valentine's Day themed post from me? If so, you were wrong. Dead wrong.

Here it is.

And, for it, I am going to tell you when you should get married.

Now, before you close that web browser, listen to me! This post is waaay better than those lame posts from people telling you why you should get married {as if you don't already know!!}. And I am going to avoid the cliches as follows:

+ When you are in love

+ When you graduate college

+ When you are financially stable

+ When you are where you want to be in your career

+ "You just know"

+ Or when John Krasinski gets a divorce {Oh, you haven't heard that one before? Maybe that's just in my head.}

No, no. I am not going to give you that garbage. I am going to just give you the facts, none of the subjective mumbo-jumbo.

And you will find it HERE. Yup. A quiz that tells you when you should or should have gotten married. Here's mine.

To be fair, I did take some creative liberties. P.S. Who is the FB friend that got married at 43??

If you do not find this helpful, feel free to take the other quiz I found!

Why are you single? {For what it is worth, I rephrased this in my head, "Why are you not married?" ... because, it was more applicable.}

Wanna know my answer?

Pff. As if we didn't know that already. ;)

It is frighteningly true, sans the often naked part. I like to think that I am fully clothed just as much or more frequently than the average person.

Whelp. There you have it, friends. I'd love to hear your quiz results! Feel free to leave them in the comments section below! :)


Hannah T said...

Okay. This post was incredible. Everything about it was true and I LOVED reading it. And we are twins! I took the "why are you single quiz" I was "Too Perfect" as well.

Katie Elizabeth Hawkes said...

Ha. I saw some people posting this on Facebook the other day who found out they both needed to get married in the next 2 weeks. Unfortunately they're both dudes. But, I guess it depends on what state they live in.

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