The good, the bad, and the ...ugly

Mostly on this blog, I write about the good {or ridiculous, which is also good because it is funny}. Primarily because there is a lot of good to write about.

Sometimes the bad finds its way in. Because there seems to be less bad to write about.

Generally, ugly never makes an appearance because ugly is ... well, ugly.

But today, today we shall talk about the ugly. Such as my ugly skin infection that I got thanks to a cold. 


I don't know about you, but I don't do "gross" very well. 

"Gross" makes me gag.

Fortunately, I was able to find a way to mask the ugly.

Adorable, animal print bandaids to the rescue!

Cute bandaids seem to make any wound/injury better, don't they? Even a nasty, gross skin infection. 

And I am not entirely sure why I am posting this today. Maybe it's to tell you about cute bandaids. Maybe it's because I am bored because this is my fifth consecutive day off from work {and I am too gross to out into public}. Maybe's it's because I'd rather be doing this my than my homework. ;) Because who wouldn't rather talk about a nasty skin infection and show it to the world-wide web than do their homework?

Here's for tomorrow, a prettier, less infectious day where I can present myself to the real world again without terrifying others and, hopefully, have my homework done for the week!


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Hope you del better soon. I hate been sick

Hima Rajana said...

I'm sorry about the infection :( I'm glad you didn't post pictures though- the bandaids are super cute!

xo, Hima
Hima Hearts

Krystal said...

No fun. Stop avoiding the homework though :) feel better soon!

Brooklyn Jolley said...

A skin infection because of a cold?? That's insane! Hope it gets better soon :)

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