Resolution? What's a resolution?

February is flying by.

And since I decided to kind make resolutions this year, I thought I might kinda keep track on how I am doing with them. 

+ Resolution:  Put the clean laundry away the same day I wash it ... once
Progress: This has not happened yet.

+ Resolution: Take down the Christmas decorations
Progress: Success!

+ Buy a bedskirt 
Progress: #epicfail

+ See how long I can go on Facebook without talking about cream cheese brownies
Progress: To my knowledge, I have made it 44 days so far! #winning

+ Drink two bottles of water at work daily
Progress: I have digressed. I have rarely even drank my normal one water bottle. 

+ Run once a week every week, unless my legs fall off
Progress: Yeah, no. I think I have ran twice. 

+ Stop writing 2013 on things
Progress: Touch and go. 

So, yeah ... I am doing great with my resolutions.

But, lest you think I am an underachiever, just remember I am competing with the Olympians, mm-k? ;)

How are YOU doing with your resolutions?


Amy Fashion Blog said...

I'm doing great with my resolution. It to get the house organize and the way I want it.

Mollie Rose Herrey said...

You have awesome resolutions. My favorite of course is the cream cheese brownie... Which I have never had before and every time you mention it my mouth waters! So maybe that was a good resolution for my sake ;)

Brooklyn Jolley said...

I need to set a resolution to drink less water! I go to the bathroom a ridiculous amount of times at school every day!

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