On the mend ... I think.

It has been a roller coaster ride this past week! I ended up going to work for a day and a half total. 

That's what a skin and sinus infection will do to ya.

Besides work, I hadn't gone out in public all week long until Saturday night. You're welcome, world.

I had considered going out and about earlier in the week just to get out of the house. But that was put on hold as soon as I found out the adorable bandaids were causing more agitation to the skin and the idea of going out with the infection on my face and neck exposed? NO.THANKS. You are really welcome, world!

I then attended Church on Sunday and almost got up in testimony meeting, not to share my testimony, rather to 1. Let my congregation members know that I knew I had somethin' uber nast on my face and neck and 2. To ease their concerns that I wasn't contagious ... anymore. I feel as though I should have a huge warning label to warn all the humans who I come across saying as such.

I think a warning label could put much concern to bed. Plus, I am really good at writing warning labels. Here is one I wrote in 2001.

I am not sure what my 2014 warning label would say. Maybe the 2001 one covers it, after all, isn't all of that above make you want to stay clear?

So, I guess should I just tape it to my forehead or hand them out like business cards? Let me know and have a fabulous Monday. :)

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Amy Fashion Blog said...

I truly hope you feel better soon.

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