Oh. Oh. Olympics.

I am pretty much OB-SESSED with the Olympics.

Let's talk about the least productive 17 days of the of the last year and a half {since the London Olympics in 2012, hello}.

Not gonna lie, the winter Olympics are inferior to the summer Olympics. But whatevs. The Olympics and the Olympics and I will celebrate!

Last week I told my roommate she was in charge of making the Olympics shirts and I was in charge of the Russian desserts. Had never refereced this prior and not bringing it up again, you can imagine my surprise when I came home from work on Thursday {the first day of Olympic events} to find a Sochi 2014 shirt waiting for me!

It t'was then I realized I had better live up to my end of the bargain, Russian desserts! 

Russian Valentine's sugar cookies and Russian cream cheese brownies!

Someone on Facebook asked me how they were Russian. My answer? Because I named them that. Obvi. ;)

Last Olympics I was pretty much obsessed making a height chart of all the Olympians on my wall.  This year I have something else planed during the games. It may or may not involve awarding myself with medals, but more about that later. :)

Are you watching the Olympics? Please tell me you are just as obsessed as I am. 



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The Suzzzz said...

Sadly, no. I don't have tv service and aside from a few minutes of the opening ceremonies at my sister's house, I haven't been able to finagle my way into someone's home who has cable so I can compulsively flip through all the channels with Olympic coverage. I have to just wait and read about the results on the interwebz.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I haven't been paying attention to the Olympic. I have german tv and have no clue if it even come on there

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