Is this thing on?


I am feeling like maybe I should reacquaint myself to the world wide web, as there are a handful of new readers here these days.

So ... Hi. I'm Mindy.

I am not perfect, but this ceramic bull's rump says I am. 

I write in this little space about the best days, the worst days and every day in between.

I am not a mommy blogger, DIY blogger, fashion blogger, or a photography blogger. That might lead you to wonder two things: one// What kind of blogger am I? and two// Why on this green earth are you here?

And to answer those questions ... I don't know.

What I do know is this ...

I am a phenomenal leg wrestler and parallel parker. Intimidated? Maybe you should be.

I am a flippin' five feet and 11 inches tall. That is a whopping seven inches taller than the American woman and two inches taller than the American man. Like, where on this green earth did I come from??  I once measured my femurs and guess what? They are the same length as femurs who belong to men that are six feet and five inches tall. Zoo-ee-mama! 

I am an avid flosser. Cavities and deer terrify me. Yes, cavities and deer.

Other words that I think that could be used to describe me are: runaholic, obsessed with pink, avid Utah State basketball and football fan, graduate student, behaviorist, Mormon, sassafrass and opinionated. But enough of that, if you stick around long enough you'll see all of those words come to fruition in what I write. 

I hope you have enjoyed your stay and plan to stick around for awhile! 


Harlynn said...

Bahahaha, this post was great.
I love your writing style. Be proud to be tall! There's so many people complaining they're "too short". I thought I was tall at 5 foot 7. Pff. Whatever. ;P


Mollie Rose Herrey said...

I'm so happy to meet another avid flosser!! I wasn't one... until I had a root canal. THEN I was scarred for life and haven't looked back.

Avree said...

I plan to stick around! I am also an avid flosser :)

Amy Fashion Blog said...

It nice to get to know you more.

Allison and Josh said...

I just adore you! And your fun blog! Cavities also scare me. I got my first (and only one so far) at age 23 and it was the "start" of a cavity according to my dentist. It was a sad day.

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