Is this real life? | Facebook Finds Friday

To top off the skin infection I have ... I now have a sinus infection.

Yay for ALL the infections!!!!

Ya know, I thought I was handling the skin infection pretty well. And I am pretty sure I could handle this sinus infection pretty well. But once you put them together, I'm not gonna lie, I am a hot mess!! I am so glad I could get my first skin infection and my first sinus infection ALL at the same time!!!!!!!!!

At least I'm not contagious ... at least not anymore anyway. ;)

In happier news, I registered for my last semester of grad school this week!! Which goes to prove, every cloud does have its silver lining!

Now, on with Facebook Finds Friday! Some of these are Valentine's Day related. I hope that is acceptable a week later. If it's not, don't say anything or else I will come find you and share ALL the infections with you!

P.S. The first one I made myself. Obvi.

I think the Hitler one, the cat one and the police report are my favorites. :)

Which one is yours?


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Meg said...

Lots of good ones today, but I think my favorite was the Catholic Meeting one.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

cute quotes and funny, Have a great weekend

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