I'm an Olympian. NBD.

This year I wanted to play a bigger part in the Olympics than just observing them.

So, I decided to join them. 

The only problem was I couldn't be bothered with all that qualifying mumbo-jumbo in a sport that I had become exceptionally skilled at. So, I made some accommodations.

I am keep track of how many gold medals I earn compared to how many gold medals the rest of the United States wins. 

As you can see, I am doing phenomenally well. I have four more gold medals than the rest of the "athletes" from the United States combined!

Given, they earn theirs by winning "Olympic sanctioned" events.

And I earn mine by eating these.

Cream cheese brownies. Nom, nom, nom!

As you can see, I am currently in the lead ... and I plan to keep it that way!

As any athlete knows, it can be quite expensive to reach international levels of success. That's why I am accepting donations to keep me in the gold medal count running. Any monies donated will go directly to my cream cheese brownie fund, to ensure I represent myself and my country well in the Sochi Olympics.

I will be sure to give you regular updates on what the gold medal count is and how I am fairing. I think next time, you will see a beautiful Excel graph comparing my gold medal count with all the countries {dang that Netherlands for being so good at speed skating}.

Until next time, wish me luck in my Olympic endeavors!

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Kari Kirkland said...

I haven't really watched the O's to much this year. I noticed people on Facebook staying up REALLY late! I would think it would be fun to push the little tea pot :)

Amy Fashion Blog said...

those brownie look amazing

Laura Kathleen said...

I would buy some new running shoes for the spring!

Jessica said...

I would totally get running shoes because mine are sad and falling apart :(

Alex said...

I would get running shoes - mine have seen better days! Thanks for the giveaway!

Deidra said...

I would buy new running shoes!!

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