Facebook Finds Friday

This week flew by. 

What am I saying? This month flew by!

And that is saying a lot considering I have been sick for three weeks of it!

Tomorrow if March, people ... MARCH. And somehow all that means to me is I need a vacation.

I am trying to decide which find is my favorite this week.

I am leaning towards all the food ones, the "nobody" one and the rebel one.

How about you?

Which one is your favorite?

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To see the Facebook Finds Friday series to its entirety, click here.


P.S. Enter to win this beauty!

Yes, it can be customized. :)


Nicci Joyful said...

Hi! I love the pictures. Especially the one about everyone with food in the kitchen. Totally me.
I'm new to the whole blogging mama thing, so please check me out on joyfulfamilylife.blogspot.com


Brooke Watson said...

I wanna win the necklace. Please :)

Meg said...

I think my favorite is the kitchen one.

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