Facebook Finds Friday

It.is.Friday. {!!!!!!!}

Let's celebrate.

Today I am including my personal finds and Facebook and some that the fabulous Miss Avree shared with me on Facebook. The first are from Avree and are my favorites from this website. P.S. Avree, you need to update your blog. Just sayin'.

Some of my favorite are the Kmart one, LinkedIn {seriously, what is LinkedIn for!?}and Hot Pockets

Which one is your favorite?


If you would like to contribute to Facebook Finds Friday, please either post it on my personal page or the Best.Day.Ever. page on Facebook. You may also email it to runaholic at gmail dot com. If you would like a link to be provided to your blog, please include it! :)

To see the Facebook Finds Friday series to its entirety, click here.


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Emerald Dove said...

I love these posts! The brand ones are so true - love the Ben and Jerry's one and McDonald's! :)

Andrew said...

I thought the Opening Ceremony was Friday & that the games started Saturday. I was completely lost as to why the Winter Olympics started yesterday.

Meg said...

I think my favorite was the sports interview. So true for me. :)

Some of the brand ones were pretty good, too.

The Rachael Way said...

Legimiately laughed out loud!!!

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