Cheerleader, cheerleader on the wall ...

Michael: Do you think I should take the cheerleader off my wall?

Me: Uhm ... is she uncomfortable?

Michael: No, she looks happy. Smiling and waving pom poms.

Me: Then by all means, keep her up. :)

It was only after we had this conversation that he informed me it was just a paper cheerleader.

That Mikey can sure be deceiving.

But I realized my answers still would have been the same regardless. ;)

P.S. I got to stay home from work today ... because I have a skin infection ... ON MY FACE. How's that for a wonderful Tuesday? :|  Don't worry, I just gag at myself. I hope your Tuesday is not quite so infectious! ;)


Katie @ Tales of a Twenty-Something Hipster said...

That cheerleader is so cute!! And I hope your skin infection gets better! That doesn't sound like fun! :(

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Hope you feel better soon

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