Avoid harlots. Buy running shoes.

First and foremost, I was trying to come up with a catchy title for the post so I was dinking around on Google and came across something perfectly fantastic! Buuut, then who I realized who said it and it is someone who I refuse to quote because she is a harlot, not a philosopher. And well, there's that. 

Without further adieu, here are my running shoe recommendations.

One // Find a running specialty store. This is a great option for brand new runners. A running specialty store will analyze your running/form for you to help you pick out the right shoe. You can usually find these stores by Google "running specialty store" + inserting your location.  FYI: In the SLC, UT area, the Salt Lake Running Company is an excellent choice. In Cache Valley, Runners North would be my recommendation.

If you cannot find a specialty store near you, you can utilize websites like this one, that will assist you in picking out the perfect shoe. I would then encourage you to go to a store and try them on and see how they feel!

Two // Run in your shoes around the store. I really run around the store in the shoes {with the socks I intend to run in also}.

Three // $$$. Unfortunately, if you are wanting a quality shoe, you are going to have to spend more money on them. I would say a good shoe is going to take at least a $100 out of your banking account. I encourage you to go a non-specialty store {Sports Authority, etc.} and try on a cheaper shoe {$50-70} and compare it to the more expensive ones {$100+} by actually trying them on and running around in them. You will feel a complete difference between the two.

Four // Fit your shoe at the end of the day. Your feet are bigger as the day progresses and if you fit shoes earlier in the day, they may not fit when you are running!

Five // Make sure you have one finger width between your big toe and the shoe.

Six // Once you have made your purchase, wear the shoe in slowly. I would suggest walking around in them first for a little while before running in them. This will assist in eliminating blisters.

And on a personal note ... 

This isn't step seven // I swear by Nikes {hence the URL address of this blog}. I do not encourage you to swear by them. Just know that while Nike invented the running shoe, nowadays, most people in the know-how of running despise them. I currently am running in the Nike Lunarglide and have never loved a shoe more! {While the shoes photoed above are mine [as are the legs], those are not the Lunarglide}.

And this isn't step eight // You can learn more about your feet here.

Any questions? :)

If you have a question pertaining to running, please leave a comment or email me at runaholic {at} gmail {dot} com. I will feature your question in a future blog post.

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Katie Jane said...

Joseph, of the dream coat persuasion, could have used some running shoes. Your title reminded me of him.

Harlynn said...

Great tips!
I'm definitely going to be running around the store now and comparing shoes, hehe. Especially the specialty ones vs the cheaper ones. c:


Amy Fashion Blog said...

great tips, I'm going to be run a 5k in August. So I will be using your tips to buy my shoe.

Hannah T said...

This comment is not relevant at all to this post. But can I just say that every time I come on your blog, I smile so much at your header of your pink sparkly TOMS. Not only because I own them (and 5 other TOMS...) but because they are literally my favorite shoes ever and I love finding other TOMS lovers. :)

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