Facebook Finds Friday

This week flew by. 

What am I saying? This month flew by!

And that is saying a lot considering I have been sick for three weeks of it!

Tomorrow if March, people ... MARCH. And somehow all that means to me is I need a vacation.

I am trying to decide which find is my favorite this week.

I am leaning towards all the food ones, the "nobody" one and the rebel one.

How about you?

Which one is your favorite?

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Private of Public?

And no, I am not talking about my blog.

Let's just clarify that up right now.

Most of you know I work with individuals with intellectual disabilities. The mission of our company is to provide services for these individuals in order to maximize their vocational and/or independent living skills.

This is done in a wide variety of ways.

One of those ways is teaching them appropriate social skills.

The other day {and by other day I mean about three years ago ... this email has been sitting as a draft that long!} we came across what I found to be an amazing lesson on social skills. It was to teach the adults with disabilities and/or children what is appropriate to say in public conversations and what is not.

Let's see how YOU do. And just for kicks and giggles, I bet you can't guess which one was my favorite.

Are the following public or private conversations?

I haven't seen anything this fantastic in quite sometime.

Now, now ... which one do you think was our favorite? :)


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You can enter to win this adorbs customized charm necklace!

Both pieces {rectangular and circular} can be customized!

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On the mend ... I think.

It has been a roller coaster ride this past week! I ended up going to work for a day and a half total. 

That's what a skin and sinus infection will do to ya.

Besides work, I hadn't gone out in public all week long until Saturday night. You're welcome, world.

I had considered going out and about earlier in the week just to get out of the house. But that was put on hold as soon as I found out the adorable bandaids were causing more agitation to the skin and the idea of going out with the infection on my face and neck exposed? NO.THANKS. You are really welcome, world!

I then attended Church on Sunday and almost got up in testimony meeting, not to share my testimony, rather to 1. Let my congregation members know that I knew I had somethin' uber nast on my face and neck and 2. To ease their concerns that I wasn't contagious ... anymore. I feel as though I should have a huge warning label to warn all the humans who I come across saying as such.

I think a warning label could put much concern to bed. Plus, I am really good at writing warning labels. Here is one I wrote in 2001.

I am not sure what my 2014 warning label would say. Maybe the 2001 one covers it, after all, isn't all of that above make you want to stay clear?

So, I guess should I just tape it to my forehead or hand them out like business cards? Let me know and have a fabulous Monday. :)


Is this real life? | Facebook Finds Friday

To top off the skin infection I have ... I now have a sinus infection.

Yay for ALL the infections!!!!

Ya know, I thought I was handling the skin infection pretty well. And I am pretty sure I could handle this sinus infection pretty well. But once you put them together, I'm not gonna lie, I am a hot mess!! I am so glad I could get my first skin infection and my first sinus infection ALL at the same time!!!!!!!!!

At least I'm not contagious ... at least not anymore anyway. ;)

In happier news, I registered for my last semester of grad school this week!! Which goes to prove, every cloud does have its silver lining!

Now, on with Facebook Finds Friday! Some of these are Valentine's Day related. I hope that is acceptable a week later. If it's not, don't say anything or else I will come find you and share ALL the infections with you!

P.S. The first one I made myself. Obvi.

I think the Hitler one, the cat one and the police report are my favorites. :)

Which one is yours?


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The good, the bad, and the ...ugly

Mostly on this blog, I write about the good {or ridiculous, which is also good because it is funny}. Primarily because there is a lot of good to write about.

Sometimes the bad finds its way in. Because there seems to be less bad to write about.

Generally, ugly never makes an appearance because ugly is ... well, ugly.

But today, today we shall talk about the ugly. Such as my ugly skin infection that I got thanks to a cold. 


I don't know about you, but I don't do "gross" very well. 

"Gross" makes me gag.

Fortunately, I was able to find a way to mask the ugly.

Adorable, animal print bandaids to the rescue!

Cute bandaids seem to make any wound/injury better, don't they? Even a nasty, gross skin infection. 

And I am not entirely sure why I am posting this today. Maybe it's to tell you about cute bandaids. Maybe it's because I am bored because this is my fifth consecutive day off from work {and I am too gross to out into public}. Maybe's it's because I'd rather be doing this my than my homework. ;) Because who wouldn't rather talk about a nasty skin infection and show it to the world-wide web than do their homework?

Here's for tomorrow, a prettier, less infectious day where I can present myself to the real world again without terrifying others and, hopefully, have my homework done for the week!


Cheerleader, cheerleader on the wall ...

Michael: Do you think I should take the cheerleader off my wall?

Me: Uhm ... is she uncomfortable?

Michael: No, she looks happy. Smiling and waving pom poms.

Me: Then by all means, keep her up. :)

It was only after we had this conversation that he informed me it was just a paper cheerleader.

That Mikey can sure be deceiving.

But I realized my answers still would have been the same regardless. ;)

P.S. I got to stay home from work today ... because I have a skin infection ... ON MY FACE. How's that for a wonderful Tuesday? :|  Don't worry, I just gag at myself. I hope your Tuesday is not quite so infectious! ;)


Day ♥ ' Love

Whatever your relationship status is today, the choice always is yours.

And may I suggest an option?

Today ...

Love comes in all different shapes, sizes and from a wide variety of places and people. Let yourself recognize all the types of love you have today. Too often we let this holiday be defined by one type of the nearly endless avenues of love. And that is a shame.

So, today, I suggest, regardless of your relationship status, simply choose joy.

♥ ♥ 

P.S. I think this is the third year I have attempted to brainwash encourage my co-workers to wear pink to celebrate the holiday. I bribe provide them with donuts if they do.

♥ ♥ 

For more reading on the Day O' Love:

Need a Miracle to Fall in Love? {While I'm not a Roman Catholic ... this actually worked. Just sayin'.}


Resolution? What's a resolution?

February is flying by.

And since I decided to kind make resolutions this year, I thought I might kinda keep track on how I am doing with them. 

+ Resolution:  Put the clean laundry away the same day I wash it ... once
Progress: This has not happened yet.

+ Resolution: Take down the Christmas decorations
Progress: Success!

+ Buy a bedskirt 
Progress: #epicfail

+ See how long I can go on Facebook without talking about cream cheese brownies
Progress: To my knowledge, I have made it 44 days so far! #winning

+ Drink two bottles of water at work daily
Progress: I have digressed. I have rarely even drank my normal one water bottle. 

+ Run once a week every week, unless my legs fall off
Progress: Yeah, no. I think I have ran twice. 

+ Stop writing 2013 on things
Progress: Touch and go. 

So, yeah ... I am doing great with my resolutions.

But, lest you think I am an underachiever, just remember I am competing with the Olympians, mm-k? ;)

How are YOU doing with your resolutions?


When should you get married?

Well, it's the week o' love, peeps.

Did you think you would escape a Valentine's Day themed post from me? If so, you were wrong. Dead wrong.

Here it is.

And, for it, I am going to tell you when you should get married.

Now, before you close that web browser, listen to me! This post is waaay better than those lame posts from people telling you why you should get married {as if you don't already know!!}. And I am going to avoid the cliches as follows:

+ When you are in love

+ When you graduate college

+ When you are financially stable

+ When you are where you want to be in your career

+ "You just know"

+ Or when John Krasinski gets a divorce {Oh, you haven't heard that one before? Maybe that's just in my head.}

No, no. I am not going to give you that garbage. I am going to just give you the facts, none of the subjective mumbo-jumbo.

And you will find it HERE. Yup. A quiz that tells you when you should or should have gotten married. Here's mine.

To be fair, I did take some creative liberties. P.S. Who is the FB friend that got married at 43??

If you do not find this helpful, feel free to take the other quiz I found!

Why are you single? {For what it is worth, I rephrased this in my head, "Why are you not married?" ... because, it was more applicable.}

Wanna know my answer?

Pff. As if we didn't know that already. ;)

It is frighteningly true, sans the often naked part. I like to think that I am fully clothed just as much or more frequently than the average person.

Whelp. There you have it, friends. I'd love to hear your quiz results! Feel free to leave them in the comments section below! :)


I'm an Olympian. NBD.

This year I wanted to play a bigger part in the Olympics than just observing them.

So, I decided to join them. 

The only problem was I couldn't be bothered with all that qualifying mumbo-jumbo in a sport that I had become exceptionally skilled at. So, I made some accommodations.

I am keep track of how many gold medals I earn compared to how many gold medals the rest of the United States wins. 

As you can see, I am doing phenomenally well. I have four more gold medals than the rest of the "athletes" from the United States combined!

Given, they earn theirs by winning "Olympic sanctioned" events.

And I earn mine by eating these.

Cream cheese brownies. Nom, nom, nom!

As you can see, I am currently in the lead ... and I plan to keep it that way!

As any athlete knows, it can be quite expensive to reach international levels of success. That's why I am accepting donations to keep me in the gold medal count running. Any monies donated will go directly to my cream cheese brownie fund, to ensure I represent myself and my country well in the Sochi Olympics.

I will be sure to give you regular updates on what the gold medal count is and how I am fairing. I think next time, you will see a beautiful Excel graph comparing my gold medal count with all the countries {dang that Netherlands for being so good at speed skating}.

Until next time, wish me luck in my Olympic endeavors!

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Oh. Oh. Olympics.

I am pretty much OB-SESSED with the Olympics.

Let's talk about the least productive 17 days of the of the last year and a half {since the London Olympics in 2012, hello}.

Not gonna lie, the winter Olympics are inferior to the summer Olympics. But whatevs. The Olympics and the Olympics and I will celebrate!

Last week I told my roommate she was in charge of making the Olympics shirts and I was in charge of the Russian desserts. Had never refereced this prior and not bringing it up again, you can imagine my surprise when I came home from work on Thursday {the first day of Olympic events} to find a Sochi 2014 shirt waiting for me!

It t'was then I realized I had better live up to my end of the bargain, Russian desserts! 

Russian Valentine's sugar cookies and Russian cream cheese brownies!

Someone on Facebook asked me how they were Russian. My answer? Because I named them that. Obvi. ;)

Last Olympics I was pretty much obsessed making a height chart of all the Olympians on my wall.  This year I have something else planed during the games. It may or may not involve awarding myself with medals, but more about that later. :)

Are you watching the Olympics? Please tell me you are just as obsessed as I am. 



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Facebook Finds Friday

It.is.Friday. {!!!!!!!}

Let's celebrate.

Today I am including my personal finds and Facebook and some that the fabulous Miss Avree shared with me on Facebook. The first are from Avree and are my favorites from this website. P.S. Avree, you need to update your blog. Just sayin'.

Some of my favorite are the Kmart one, LinkedIn {seriously, what is LinkedIn for!?}and Hot Pockets

Which one is your favorite?


If you would like to contribute to Facebook Finds Friday, please either post it on my personal page or the Best.Day.Ever. page on Facebook. You may also email it to runaholic at gmail dot com. If you would like a link to be provided to your blog, please include it! :)

To see the Facebook Finds Friday series to its entirety, click here.


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