Thhhhe ... shower.

You might think I have hit an all-time low if I am talking about showering.

You just might be right.

Or wrong.

Last night there was an away Aggie basketball game. I normally am able to find a stream online, hook my computer up to the TV and have a grand viewing of my beloved team. The game last night was no exception, except for the fact that it didn't begin until 9:00 PM. Which is to say, me and my senior citizen habits {eating dinner at 5:00 PM and trying to be in bed no later than 10:00 PM} might impede me from staying up to finish the game at such a wicked hour {especially considering I am up the five o'clock hour for work}.

And yes, this is still about a shower. I promise.

I decided the only chance I had of staying up until 11:00 PM was to take a mini-nap before the game started. So, I decided to hop in the shower to see if that would help a nap come more freely.

I actually felt badly about taking the shower. I mean, showers are to clean yourself or warm your self up, and I was really doing none of those things. And maybe I wouldn't have felt so bad if we didn't share ONE water heater with Claire and two married couples that live in the basement apartments. Sorry, peeps. But I guess not sorry enough to not take the shower. :)

When I told Claire I was getting in the shower she said, "Good luck!"

I stopped in my tracks in panic. What did Claire know about our shower that I clearly did not that warranted well-wishing? I'm not gonna lie, images of a masked murder behind the curtain came to mind. I questioned Claire's statement and she said, "I mean, have fun!"

I remained stopped in said tracks. I mean, I enjoy showering, but it isn't like there are bells and whistles in there and it is a hoot and a holler, after all, it's not Disneyland. It's just a shower. So, I asked Claire how to have fun in the shower.

She didn't oblige.

So I showered.

The following photo is not of me taking a shower. Because that would be inapprops {short for inappropriate}. But it does exist for a couple reasons.

One// To show you that I have an adorable chevron shower curtain.

Two// To take my first bathroom selfie EVER. And, most likely, my last.

Three// "Good" bloggers who oblige to the blogging world ensure they put a picture with every post.

Killing three birds with one stone! Except, killing birds isn't nice. So we shouldn't do it. RIP to the little guy I accidentally shot while shooting clay pigeons. And it must be said, I didn't ever hit a clay pigeon, just the real thing. Oops? I really do feel badly, but not as badly as the day when I killed the cat.

But we're talking about showers, guys.

By the way, I have I mentioned my shower has three liners in it? I sometimes feel like Bubble Boy when I am in there. And sometimes, back to showers being fun, I don't think they are fun at all ... because they make you wet. And sometimes, I don't want to be wet.

So, I guess that wraps up just about everything I wanted to say about showering ... at least for today. So I bid you farewell by wishing you good luck or have fun in your next showering experience {which should be daily, just sayin'}.


Hayley said...

You forgot to mention your most delightful scarf that I want to steal! Plus, I love your shower curtain. I almost wish I didn't have a glass door shower so I could have nice things such as that.

Neja Ribnikarr said...

I agree, cute shower curtain. +You are so funny!

Dilemma said...

Thanks for the giggle. You are such a nut. It's a pleasure to know you. ... and now I'm off to the shower, but I don't have a cute shower curtain or even one liner--just a glass door, which, I must say, is a little weird, and somehow feels a bit too revealing, even when the bathroom door is locked. Not gonna lie: I'm a bit jealous of the Chevron look you've got going on over there. ;)

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