It's been one of those times that I just want to shut out the world. Completely. Entirely.

It's one of those times where I are reminded that the marks humans leave are far too often scars. 

I am tired of lists on social media that tell you what you should or shouldn't do. 

I am tired of people judging others.

When did we become the experts of everyone else's lives? 


And not even into my life, just the life of others. I see it and I cringe and I ache. We are all fighting a battle, the likes of which are fought silently in the quite chambers of our own souls. 

I want more kindness. I want more gentleness. I want more genuineness. So, I will make the change I can by being more of those things myself. Because that is the only person I can change. 

And for today, friends, that is all.


The Suzzzz said...


Madeline said...

I agree! We should all spend more time celebrating each other.

Savanna said...

Yes ma'am!

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