My work > Your Work

I am generally not one to say something I have is better than what someone else does.

Buuut, today, I cannot help myself. 

And you will see why.

First of all, I have no work today, and I won't even throw in that it's a paid holiday.

And secondly, because I have no work today, we had do this little gem of a game on Friday to celebrate the reason for the season errr, our day off.

Pin the mustache on Martin Luther King Jr.

Like I said, my work > that your work. And because of this reason alone, that's not debatable.

Here's to hopin' you have the day off too! Happy Monday, people, and for realz this time!  

1 comment:

Savanna said...

I wish I had the day off, but I don't... and as you can tell I'm working very hard today! Enjoy your day!

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