Facebook Finds Friday

Did you know I was giving away a Naked 3 Pallette?

Did you know I was giving away a $35 gift card to bareMinerals?

Did you know it is Friday?

Did you know that means around these parts it is Facebook Finds Friday? If you are one of my new friends, this is just a little somethin' somethin' we do most Fridays where I post the most fantastic things I {or you!!!} have found on Facebook during the week.

I think my favorite is the Hunger Games one. Or the middle child one, represent! 

Which is YOUR favorite?

P.S. Happy Friday, people! :)


If you would like to contribute to Facebook Finds Friday, please either post it on my personal page or the Best.Day.Ever. page on Facebook. You may also email it to runaholic at gmail dot com. If you would like a link to be provided to your blog, please include it! :)


Harlynn said...

Bahahaha! These are great!
I love the cat in the bag. XD
Also the last one, I'd totally get caught that way too though. Hehe.


Little Misadventures said...

Oh the last one is DEFINITELY my favorite. When someone calls 'marco' you HAVE to respond.

Shan said...

I love the Marco Polo one.

Brooklyn Jolley said...

Hahahaha that cat!

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