Facebook Finds Friday

I am typing this while watching an episode of Project Runaway All Stars on Hulu. I thought I would be watching the finale. But I thought wrong.

But, it's Friday and so that makes me not care about anything else that I could be possibly wrong about ... unless, of course, I was wrong about it being Friday.

So, there's that. 

And here are my finds from Facebook.

I think my favorites are the fox, homework & murder and the monsters one.

Which one if your favorite?


Today, I have a post featured on Put A Bird On It for the Countdown in Style series.  Check it.

100lb Countdown


Brooklyn Jolley said...

Ask and Axe. Bahahahaha. I seriously have a hard time keeping a straight face when someone says they want to "axe me something." But alas, I never say anything.

Toni Lehman said...

Oh the laundry, always the laundry. And the Tosh.O.

Emerald Dove said...

Great post! Love the one about MASH - played that so many times as a kid! :)

Mollie Rose Herrey said...

Most definitely the Fox one, and the ducks!

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