Becoming a runner

My name is Mindy and ... I'm a runaholic. 

I have been running since first grade when I entered my first road race. It was a mile run. I ran it in seven minutes and 45 seconds. I won my age division, which either makes me a big deal or the only seven-year-old in the race. And I have been running ever since.

While I am completely aware of the stigma regarding running {it's hard, people hate it, etc. and so forth}, running has been one of the most remarkable and beautiful blessing of my life

And because of that, I want to help anyone out there who wants to become a runner {or get in shape through running} to achieve that goal.

And if you aren't sure if that is you, let me tell you why it can be ...

There are clubs you cannot belong to, neighborhoods you cannot live in, schools that won't accept you - but the roads are always open. In running, it doesn't matter whether you come in first, in the middle of the pack, or last. No matter how fast or slow you are you can say, "I have finished." And there is never telling how much satisfaction is in that.

I think one of the hardest steps in running is the first one, getting out there for that first time. So, I have come up with three ways to motivate yourself in getting out there for the first time.

// Tell yourself you only have to go for one minute or to the end of the block. If at that point you want to turn around, you can. But if not, you can keep going. I have never once stopped after that block and I get my entire run in as planned.

// Reward yourself. Set a realistic goal {whether that be the number of times you run per week, or how long you run each time you go out} and when you reach your goal reward yourself with a treat or something else you have been wanting and holding off on. I often times reward myself with cute new running apparel! 

// Remember, it takes about two weeks with consistent running for it actually to feel "good". But it will!

So, what are you waiting for? Make 2014 the year you became a runner. For me, it will be the year I became a better runner! :)

Happy trails to you! ;)

If you have any questions pertaining to running, please feel free to shoot an email to runaholic {at} gmail {dot} com and I will provide an answer on the blog!


Cody Doll said...

This is awesome advice!

The Suzzzz said...

Good advice! I've always wanted to be a runner. Most of the runners I know are happy, healthy, productive people...I don't know if they are that way by nature or if it is from the running, but I suspect it's the running.

My problem is that A)I'm severely out of shape B) I have exercise induced asthma C) Have NEVER been able to stay on a running regimen. The only time I was ever able to run a full mile without stopping to walk/breath at some point was 15 years ago in college, after 3 months of training, and even then it was a challenge. These days I can barely make it one full block at a mild jog before I have to stop and walk.

Do you have any suggestions for helping with breathing while running?

maria said...

I used to run in high school and would run at 6 am when i was living at byuh. but now that i am back in california i am just too cold to do anything haha but my new years resolution is to become a runner and run more races. you are so awesome for posting this! thanks!

Brooklyn Jolley said...

I tried running my freshman year of college and was always in pain. Even after taking jogging and was trained HOW to run. Dr says I have old lady joints, so instead I walk or do things like elliptical or bike. I LOVE reading about runners. They inspire me and I love how basically anyone can do it for FREE!

Jamie said...

Love this post...

Katie @ Tales of a Twenty-Something Hipster said...

I have been trying to run off and on about 11 years now, and I always get to the point where it starts feeling"good" and then quit. This post was great! It inspired me just enough that I want to give it a try again and be a real runner!

crazyperfectlife said...

I always say I am going to start running, but I never do!! Hopefully this year I can get my butt out there!

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