2 Cool 4 School

Guys, classes start again today.


Five weeks is too long for "them" to realistically think any of us want to return now. Can't we call being halfway done with the program as good and give me my degree already? 

I didn't take a back to school photograph, so this stick figure created via Paint will have to do. And no, I don't have a pink and pink striped dress, nor an adorable blue satchel. And yes, I do have a nose. Had I taken a back to school shot, think along the lines of pink hounds tooth sweater. And hands. And feet. And nose, ears too. 

But enough about that, I think most of you know I have all my appendages and facial features.

Besides school starting, I have at least one meeting every day at work this week. And I am pretty sure that LinkedIn is obsessed with me. No, those two thoughts don't really go together, but I am tired of getting emails from LinkedIn. Who needs a professional version of Facebook anyway? 

Speaking of Facebook, I am kind of tired of it. Not in a "I am going to threaten to get rid of it" kind of way, but guess what, sometimes people post stupid things on Facebook. If your baby is sitting in a pumpkin and crying, I am no baby expert, but I can only assume they don't want to be sitting in a pumpkin. And how many times can the exact same things be posted? It sometimes feels like brain rot. And!!! I am tired of the Facebook guilt trip. You know the one, right?  "But I bet no one will repost this" ... DANG STRAIGHT. I don't care what your cause is, even if it is dear to my heart, if you try to manipulate others through a Facebook guilt trip, you're right, I won't repost!

Wow. I am glad I got that off my chest. And to think, I was just going to ask if LinkedIn stalks anyone else?

Look what grad school does to me! You'd think it was 100* temperatures and I didn't have air conditioning with that beast of a tirade. 

Well, I guess ... I will awkwardly end this post now that I have wigged out on y'all.

Have a great Monday {at least better than mine, mm-k?}.


Brooklyn Jolley said...

I feel like a freak that I just BARELY found out what Houndstooth is. Now I need something Houndstooth. Like now.

Hannah T said...

Amen to that! Can't we just say, "Hey I want to be this and they just put the knowledge in our brain and we are good to go with our career?

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