Undies in a wad ...

Do you know what I learned this week? 

I learned that people's undies get in a wad quite easily these days.

Do you know what causes people's undies to get in a wad?


Elves are horrible and should be burned, or so I have been told.

Apparently, they teach your children horrible things and go against everything a "good" parent should stand for.

Fact: I don't have an Elf on the Shelf. But if I did, his name would be Zart. ;)  I am not sure why I don't have one. I mean, sure, I don't have kids. But I bet Claire would like it. But I bet it would teach her horrific habits and overall poor life skills, so I better not. 

All I know is this, apparently, if I did have an elf, I would be judged. And judged hard. And I just cannot be bothered with that. 

From what I gather, this elf is indeed NOT Satan. I don't see how he is any different than Santa Claus, minus the fact that he is an elf and Santa is Santa, but I think you get my point.

So, elf on friends, if you choose to. And don't elf on if you don't want to .But it would be nice if you could stop being a Scrooge over an elf who is not Satan. Because if he is ::gasp:: Santa is too!

I don't know if I really want to end here, but I am pretty sure I have a grilled cheese burning on the stove, so this will have to do. ;) Merry Christmas, peeps! :)


The Suzzzz said...

I don't hate those elves but they do seem creepy. This is my favorite take on them: http://thebloggess.com/2012/12/elves-are-assholes/

Andi said...

hahahaaaaaaaaaa bite me elf haters

mindy you are awesome

Kaylie Marie Hooser said...

Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the elf on the shelf or Santa. But I would NEVER judge anyone else for having them! I definitely don't think it makes anyone a 'bad' parent.

I've actually had a lot of people get upset with me because we are choosing to only have Christmas be about Christ and are telling our kids the truth about Santa if they ask. So I guess it can go both ways. Every family is different, and it's up to the parents to decide what is best for their kids! No one needs to be judged for something as silly as these fictional characters. :)

Avree said...

Haha I love it! I am glad you like our elf's name :) Spencer picked it.

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