Ugly Christmas Sweater Advent Calendar

At work, I am totally obsessed with countdowns.

When I first started working I had a countdown to the hours left of work, daily. It drove some of my co-workers batty.

As I got more used to working eight hours every day, I no longer needed a daily countdown. But I still made countdowns for days off or breaks {Thanksgiving, Spring, Christmas, etc.}.

This year {and let's be honest, last} I decided to bring the ugly Christmas sweater tradition to my Advent Calendar. 

I purchased adorable little clothespins at Hobby Lobby {I think}. I printed out an assortment of ugly Christmas sweaters from online and then laminated them for extended use. I mean, let's be honest, with how often I get my craft on {never!} I need the ones I do make to last!

I then used some fishing line attached to push pins, and hung the sweaters up on the line with the clothespins.

Each morning I come in, I take an ugly Christmas sweater off the line and am left with how many work days until Christmas!

If I was a true crafter, I would have knitted each sweater instead of just printing them off. ;)

P.S. In case you were wondering, there are less than five days until my two week, paid, Christmas break! Yipee! I can hardly contain my excitement!

What does your Advent Calendar look like?


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