Of these things I know to be true ...


+ Sprinkles don't actually taste good, they are just pretty.

+ Most adorable shoes hurt your feet.

+ M&Ms do melt in your hand.

+ The color pink doesn't actually exist. No reflection of light ever causes it to exist. It exists simply because of the shape of your eyes. 

+ Your best sometimes isn't enough, and that is okay.

+ People will make mistakes. People will disappoint you. People will cause you pain. Be as freeing with your forgiveness to them as you wish others would be with you.

+ People have been lying to you your entire life, gum digests normally. Swallow away, friends. 

+ You will never please everyone. You must decide who it is most important to please and let that be your aim.

+ Sometimes, your personal views and convictions will hurt others. 

+ People will judge the "internet" you. Sometimes they might be right. Often times they won't be. 

+ It is often times much easier to be silent than stand up for what you know to be right. Stand up for right anyway.

+ Conforming to what you think others want you to be never brings fulfillment. 

+ Comparison is a thief of joy.

+ Happiness is not a destination. It is a never-ending quest, but you will be as happy as you decide to be. 

+ Everyone has unspeakable heartaches, sorrow, grief and pain that you know nothing of. Be gentle. Be kind.

+ Claire is a komodo dragon.


ClaireElizabeth said...

This made me happy

Toni Lehman said...

Love this :)

Amber said...

lol this list is great!!! love it.

xx Amber

steve and jessica said...

Great post!

Diary of a Kiwi Girl said...

Yes - I love this.

Whitney B. Balls said...

Beautiful Mindy

Shan said...

Loved this! Thank you.

Harlynn said...

I love the taste of sprinkles. XD

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