Is it too late for a Christmas card?

I know, I know. Christmas was so yesterday. But! I am getting around to blogging about all things Christmas today. In fact, I actually won't get around to blogging about ALL the things today. The Christmas posts just are beginning today, which means you can thank ma later for extending your Christmas through ... January? Who knows when or where this will end.

I have never really been one for Christmas cards. My family never has been either. But everybody is doing it. And I just want to fit in. So, here is yours. Please, contain your excitement.

I'm glad Claire joined me for this photo. Otherwise, I was going to take a photo of myself by the tree and the caption would have had to read, "Merry Christmas from all of us!" That would have been funny, right?

P.S. I have been part of one other Christmas card. You can view that here. Claire made it, so it is super cool. 

And as far as the blog bombarding that will be occurring over the next few days, I think I will blog about Christmas, Christmas shopping, a Gingerbread House Walk and who knows what else. After all, I am on a two-week paid vacation from work and am not entirely sure what I am going to do with all of this free time. Do you guys have any ideas for me? ;)
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