Facebook Finds Friday

Guys. It's Friday the 13th. 

Annnnnd ... nothing really special happens on this day. I feel like if we, as humans, as going to make a big stinkin' deal about Fridays and the 13ths that fall on the same day, something should actually happen.

Wellll ... I guess today something is happening. You are getting a Facebook Finds Friday! If that doesn't knock your socks off ... well, I am sure something else will, like, maybe a tornado. 

But enough about that ... let's get to the point of why you came here.

This was actually belongs to one of my friends. She decided to forgo the shipping option.

I am a little late on this one. But still funny. :)

via Nephew Two

When someone says I need to be more domestic to attract a husband.

via Claire

When all the cushioned chairs are taken at Church.

via Claire
 When asked to read something in Church.

via Claire
When your instructor is a little too peppy.

via Claire
 Craft nights. :)

via Claire
P.S. I have seen the second Hunger Games twice now and I have never read the books or even seen the first movie. Clearly that must be said because I just posted a GIF of Jennifer Lawrence. 

Which one is your favorite?

I think the Sarah McLachan takes the cake for me. :) Or the wedding ring one ... or the Florida one which was of temperatures across the nation this week!


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Meg said...

The temperature one was my favorite. (How could it not be? It had a map. :)

Shan said...

I thought all of these ones were great! Thoroughly enjoyed them.

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