Boredom is dangerous!!

I always told myself I would never, ever, under any circumstances go to graduate school.

I always knew I would get my bachelors, but that was good enough, right? I mean, people who went to grad school in Utah were either men ... or women who were doing it to prove something to themselves or to society.

And since I was not a man nor in any need to prove myself to anyone or anything, no grad school for me! 

The idea had crossed my mind for the past five years or so due to my line of work, though. If I had a masters, I could be making $10+ an hour more and doing the exact same job. Buuut, again, I wasn't a man nor did I have anyone to prove anything to, so undergraduate Mindy it would be.

That was until last January. I had previously finished my extremely time-consuming Church calling, which had occupied my time for two years. Once that was over, I began my Mitt campaigning, which had occupied my time quite well. After that first Tuesday in November, I began dating someone, which occupied my time quite well.

But then ... one day ... that boy turned out to be kind of a cheesehole. I found out of his grandeur cheesehole-i-ness on a Saturday. And on Monday when I was driving home from work, I realized I had nothing to do. No consuming Church calling, no Mittster and no guy I was dating {GID for short}. 

What could I do?

You could volunteer your time, I thought. But where? A Boys & Girls Club? Did Logan even have one? At the local humane society? I don't even like petting strange pets ...  And then the most dangerous thought of my life entered, You could go to grad school. I could? You could.

And with that, I started looking into schools the second week of January and filled out an application by the third week and was admitted several weeks later, ready to start my first semester of grad school in March 2012!

This was my first day of grad school! Now, don't be fooled, this was actually me right before I left for work at 6:50 AM. And when I returned from work I didn't attend classes, as my classes are all online. BUT!! I knew I would need a first day of school photograph to document such a ridiculous event that I was shocked I began!

I am currently halfway finished with my program and on Christmas break {just from school, not work}. And I am actually finding myself quite bored and given a beautiful reminder of why I started grad school in the first place: boredom. And that is not an exaggeration!

So, when people tell you boredom is an enemy or the root of all evil ... it's true! It just might lead you to doing things you never dreamt you'd do - like enrolling into grad school! 

And yes, that is Lionel Richie on my fridge. That is a great story for another day if you are interested. :)


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And, I am raising Claire's dating pool. Please consider recommending all your top notch, quality, single guy friends here. ;) This is actually done in all seriousness. It has only been up two days and we are already arranging dates!


Zalika said...

Congratulations!! You look beautiful on your first day of Grad school. P.S- did I mention I love the shoes on your header? They are on my wish list.

Shan said...

I'm not sure boredom would be enough to get me to go to grad school, even though the possibility has crossed my mind a few times. Way to go you for going.

Elisabeth Gee said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! I think it's amazing that you are going to grad school :)

Jennie said...

I thought I'd never go to grad school either. Then, I got to graduation and (even though I was VERY pregnant) I was SAD to be leaving school, and I looked into grad school... I found a program and I have a plan to return when my husband is done with his undergrad. I seriously think I may have lost my mind...

Krystal said...

After completing my bachelors degree, teaching license, and masters degree, I remember the boredom that came.... I was so used to being busy.... I always joked that I would be fine being a professional student. But I can FINALLY say that I'm glad to be done with school. I took one distance ed class from usu last spring and hated it. I thought for sure I would love it and take all the courses in the program so I could complete another endorsement.... Nope. It felt great not to take any classes this summer!! I did a few workshops to get a lane change credit, but now I'm taking a break until next summer. Good luck with grad school. And yes, boredom is very dangerous. Can't wait to see what it leads you to next!

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