Road Rage

Let's face it folks, there is a lot of road rage out there.

And to be completely honest, I don't think all of it is unwarranted, sans the senior citizen who was flaming mad at me a couple weekends ago while driving to my parents. I have no idea how I got her undies depends in a wad, but clearly I did. Whatevs.

I have decided to give of myself and my time to help eliminate some of the road rage out there, but kindly reminding the world some crucial components of driving. You are welcome.

And lest any of you doubt my qualifications, I got 100% on the driving and written part of my driving test. And the second time I had to take the written part because the DMV failed to renew my license {10 years after I took the original class, without studying mind you!}, also 100%. Honestly, I would be surprised if they come more qualified than I am! ;)

To educate all of you, you are going to take a quiz! Good gum drops, no?

Here are the rules:

+ Read each question and provide an answer in the comments sections for each question

+ Do not cheat! AKA: Changing your answers to what someone else commented or looking on the internet

+ And, clearly their must be a point to this pointless quiz, so the winner will receive a prize!

And without further adieu:

1. On any road with one or more lanes going in one direction, what is the purpose of the left-hand lane?

2. On any road with one or more lanes going in one direction, what is the purpose of any lane right of the left-hand lane?

3. What do two, solid yellow lines indicate?

4. What does a single, solid white line indicate?

5. You are at two-way stop. A car is in front of you going straight. Another car is at the intersection across from you turning left. The car in front of you goes straight. You approach the intersection to also go straight. The car across from you turning left was clearly there before you. Who goes first?

6. How do four-way stops work? How do you know who goes first if you both get there the same time?

7. When are you instructed not to change lanes?

8. What does a yellow light mean?

9. You are making a right-hand turn at a red light {in a state that approves of making right-hand turns at red-light}. When is it appropriate to make the right hand turn {besides the obvious of when it is clear}?

10. What is a safe distance to put between you and the car in front of you?

11.  What is the minimum amount of time you should spend in one lane before merging into another?

12. You are going under the speed limit {for whatever reason} and there is a car behind you. What do you do?

13. You are going the posted speed limit and their is a car behind you. What do you do?

And I think that is all for now. Leave your answers and come Monday for the the correct responses and to see who has won! 

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katrina said...

In hawaii the answer to #4 is that you may cross the line if you proceed with caution. I missed that one on my recent test!

Krystal said...

My head hurts just trying to understand all of these questions!! All I know is that people need to take a chill pill when getting behind the wheel!

Meg said...

1. If there are two or more lanes going the same direction the left lane is for passing or for turning left. (Don't you have to have at least two lanes to have a left hand lane?)

2. If there are two or more lanes the right lanes are for driving in, or the furthest right lane may be for turning right.

3. No passing.

4. The edge of a lane, you should not cross it.

5. The person going straight always goes first at a two way stop.

6. First stop, first go. If two cars stop at the same time, the one on the right goes first.

7. Any time there is a solid white line or if you are in an intersection.

8. The light is going to turn red soon, if you can stop you should do so, otherwise you should go through the intersection.

9. After you have come to a complete stop and checked for traffic.

10. I can't remember, something like 2 seconds. I just always try to stay well back because I hate tailgaters.

11. I didn't know there was a minimum time before merging. Doesn't it depend somewhat on the situation?

12. In Alaska if there are more than 5 cars behind you it's law that you have to pull over and let them pass. I don't think that's the law most places, though. So I would say keep driving.

13. Keep driving.

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