Hello, holidays!

People! It's the holiday season!

I still haven't set up my tree ... but soon, very soon!

I don't know what your holiday plans include, but mine include a little bit of traveling. 

Because of said traveling, I decided to team up with Paul Fredrick some packing tips I have picked up a long the way. Given, I am no jet setter, but maybe these these few tips can help you out!

// Pack the absolute essentials first. I do this so they are not forgotten! Cell phone chargers, boarding passes printed off at home, tickets to sporting events {which leads to many of my travels}, if you absolutely need it, pack it first! This will save the headache of realizing you forgot an irreplaceable item when it's too late! 

// Keep a pre-packed toiletry bag. In my suitcase, I already have a toiletry bag that is filled with all my "stuff". Extra toothbrush, dental floss, shampoo, condition, soap, the works! For me, these are usually the things that get left behind and by always having them prepacked, it saves me the hassle of running to and fro getting the little things and more time to focus on the big things.

// Make a list. I make a list of everything I want to take, right down to my iPod shuffle {for when I got running} and its charger! Could I run without it? Absolutely. But if I write down everything I need, I don't have to worry about going without it.

// Know TSA Rules. If you are flying, you will save yourself so much hassle by knowing the Transportation Security Administration guidelines. If you don't do your carry-on luggage correctly, stuff can be confiscated, read as: they throw it away and you never get it back. Make sure you educate yourself so that doesn't happen. Also, if flying, never put essential items in your checked bag. If it is a necessity, make sure it goes with you on your carry on! 

// Don't stress it. If you do forget something, chances are you will be able to go without it or replace it. Don't let forgetting one item bother you or ruin your vacation.

// Lastly, luggage with humans in them will not make it past security checks. ;)

Happy and safe travels, friends!


To read more tips on packing for the road, visit Paul Fredrick. :)


angelaremondi said...

Hahaha! This is amazing. I'm so jealous your holiday plans include traveling!! I hope you have an amazing trip :)

xo www.inventedromance.blogspot.ca

Christina S said...

I just stumbled upon your blog!
I am now following! I look forward to keeping up!!


Harlynn said...

contortionist in the bag huh? Haha.

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