Halloween Carnival

At work every year we have a little Halloween Carnival for all the clients and staff. We play games, have a costume contest, a door decorating contest, a cupcake contest and a big ol' dancing bash. It is definitely one of my favorite days at work. 

Last year, a group of us decided to dress up together and do an Avengers theme. It made dressing up one-kjillion times more fun than it already was, so this year, we decided to do it again.

As soon as the theme was decided on, I immediately knew who I wanted to be.

That's Galinda with a guh. :)

So, the theme was actually Wizard of Oz, and not Wicked {where Galinda comes from, opposed to just Glinda}. But whatevs, my two favorite colors: sparkle and pink. How could we go wrong? {Well, minus the unbelievable fiasco of getting the costume, of course.}

I mean, do we look fabulous or do we look fabulous?

What were YOU for Halloween?

P.S. Come back tomorrow to see the best decorated cupcakes you will ever see!


Lizzie Justice said...

I was Dorothy!!! Love your costume:)

Krystal said...

So cute! I was dorothy, complete with red sparkly toms, which I think dorothy would have approved of! I wish my team would all join in on the themed costume fun.

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