First Snow Fall

Today the first snow fell here in Logan, Utah.

Weellll, some did fall last week, but that's all it did. It just feel and didn't stay, so clearly I am not counting that.

I am sitting in #octoberhouse in the window seat. Directly out my window is a tree with a handful of bright yellow leaves holding out as long as they can. The large and tiny branches are covered in a thin coat of perfectly white, crisp snow. I can hear a few cars drive by every now again and the constant sound of water dripping from the trees. Soon those leaves will be gone and it appears that the snow will be too.

Roommate Claire just left the kitchen. I can smell the German pancakes she made baking in the oven. She then frolicked outside to get that obligatory first snow fall photo.

I went outside earlier to get mine ... in my long johns and flip-flops, naturally.

Whenever Claire and I photograph the same thing, I am confident her photographs will look better than mine.

But, that's okay because it isn't a competition and I can just use her pictures anyway.

But these are all mine. At least today they are. :)

I was pretty sure I would be upset at the first snow fall, after all, I want fall to stay forever. But I just couldn't be upset. It was too beautiful. Hopefully I still feel that way after six months of this stuff. ;)

Hope you have a wonderful Sabbath, friends. :)

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