Buried Treasure

When living in my old house, we used to have a Sunday tradition. It usually involved going on walks, swinging at the park, going to the USU track/football field/fill in any other closed  and serine sporting venue. 

Claire and I haven't done as a good of job of keeping that tradition up. I think this mostly had to do with being utterly afraid of #temporaryhouse and its general surroundings. So, we mostly went to our parents' on Sunday {or Claire to work} and avoided our residence like the flippin' plague!

And once we moved into the beautiful #octoberhouse? I don't know.

The fact is, we used to fun Sunday adventures and now we don't.

Oh, wait. That isn't the point. The point is, those Sunday adventures were fab. They were fab for us and they were fab for others. Well, at least we think they were.

For example, they were fab for others because in the process, we kept our neighbors entertained ... with a scavenger hunts. And who doesn't love scavenger hunts?

We drew up this awesome map of the surrounding area. We then cut it into several different sections, so the scavenger huntees would only have the first clue, go to the location foretold by the map, then at that location, pick up  a second clue and so on until they got to the buried treasure!

While some of the locations drawn on the map were actual structures {Church, haunted house and the pavilion}, some were not {such as the palm trees and dolphin - we live in Logan, Utah, people, c'mon!}. We drew those things onto sidewalks and left the next clue at those locations {seek rocks on paper picture below}.

We then taped the first section of the map to every door at the apartment complex up our street. After taping the maps to the doors, we headed by to a nearby park. The buried treasure ended up being in a volleyball pit at said nearby park.

Naturally, we staked out that park to see who would come a-runnin' to the treasure!

And a-runnin' they came. Literally. We even marked the spot with an X. 

And those people began a-diggin'!

The only problem was this, Claire and I would come up with these ideas last minute. And since we don't believe shopping on the Sabbath, the buried treasure was just whatever we could find in our home ... such as Ramen noodles and other similarly ridiculous items.  Oh, well. Buried treasure is buried treasure, even if "treasure" is defined loosely. ;)

We had so much fun, we just might need to do it again. 

P.S. Claire and I are always open to new ideas. What do you got for us? 


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Whit said...

This is so cute! I actually live in Logan so I could probably follow this map.. if I took the time to do it...
I miss roommates after reading this - I didn't realize how fun they were until my roommate became a boy :(
{ Raspy Wit }

Meg said...

I love that idea! :)

Andrea said...

in case you didn't know already i heart your blog. it makes me laugh.

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