Hello, holidays!

People! It's the holiday season!

I still haven't set up my tree ... but soon, very soon!

I don't know what your holiday plans include, but mine include a little bit of traveling. 

Because of said traveling, I decided to team up with Paul Fredrick some packing tips I have picked up a long the way. Given, I am no jet setter, but maybe these these few tips can help you out!

// Pack the absolute essentials first. I do this so they are not forgotten! Cell phone chargers, boarding passes printed off at home, tickets to sporting events {which leads to many of my travels}, if you absolutely need it, pack it first! This will save the headache of realizing you forgot an irreplaceable item when it's too late! 

// Keep a pre-packed toiletry bag. In my suitcase, I already have a toiletry bag that is filled with all my "stuff". Extra toothbrush, dental floss, shampoo, condition, soap, the works! For me, these are usually the things that get left behind and by always having them prepacked, it saves me the hassle of running to and fro getting the little things and more time to focus on the big things.

// Make a list. I make a list of everything I want to take, right down to my iPod shuffle {for when I got running} and its charger! Could I run without it? Absolutely. But if I write down everything I need, I don't have to worry about going without it.

// Know TSA Rules. If you are flying, you will save yourself so much hassle by knowing the Transportation Security Administration guidelines. If you don't do your carry-on luggage correctly, stuff can be confiscated, read as: they throw it away and you never get it back. Make sure you educate yourself so that doesn't happen. Also, if flying, never put essential items in your checked bag. If it is a necessity, make sure it goes with you on your carry on! 

// Don't stress it. If you do forget something, chances are you will be able to go without it or replace it. Don't let forgetting one item bother you or ruin your vacation.

// Lastly, luggage with humans in them will not make it past security checks. ;)

Happy and safe travels, friends!


To read more tips on packing for the road, visit Paul Fredrick. :)


Coming home

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Some call us Mormons. 

But I am guessing you already knew that. The part about me being a member and that we are called Mormons.

One the things that drew me into #octoberhouse was its location, or rather what was across the street from its location. 

This magnificent building is the LDS Logan Utah Temple. Isn't it breathtaking

Just as in ancient biblical times, we still believe in building temples today. The temples are built so God's children could be taught and blessed. In the temple we make sacred covenants with God. It is in these sacred and holy walls that we seal families together for all time and eternity, ensuring the earthly familiar bonds extend beyond the grave when we pass from this life.

With the temple being so close, I am trying to go every week. I love being able to walk out my door, cross the street and be on sacred ground. 

For me, there is no other place that I feel closer to God than when I am in this building. It is so peaceful, so warm, so welcoming. It gives me a glimpse of what Heaven is like. It is the closest thing this earth has to offer me as to my true home, that Heavenly Home with God above.


If you have any questions about the temple or what Mormons believe, feel free to leave a comment in the comment section or shoot me an email {runaholic[at]gmail[dot]com} and I will answer it in a future blog post.

You can also learn more about Mormon Temples, please visit here.


I apologize about no Facebook Finds Friday. This post was already written earlier in the week and grad school is kicking my tail end this week as the semester is finishing up. And when it does finish, I will be halfway to a master!!!


Buried Treasure

When living in my old house, we used to have a Sunday tradition. It usually involved going on walks, swinging at the park, going to the USU track/football field/fill in any other closed  and serine sporting venue. 

Claire and I haven't done as a good of job of keeping that tradition up. I think this mostly had to do with being utterly afraid of #temporaryhouse and its general surroundings. So, we mostly went to our parents' on Sunday {or Claire to work} and avoided our residence like the flippin' plague!

And once we moved into the beautiful #octoberhouse? I don't know.

The fact is, we used to fun Sunday adventures and now we don't.

Oh, wait. That isn't the point. The point is, those Sunday adventures were fab. They were fab for us and they were fab for others. Well, at least we think they were.

For example, they were fab for others because in the process, we kept our neighbors entertained ... with a scavenger hunts. And who doesn't love scavenger hunts?

We drew up this awesome map of the surrounding area. We then cut it into several different sections, so the scavenger huntees would only have the first clue, go to the location foretold by the map, then at that location, pick up  a second clue and so on until they got to the buried treasure!

While some of the locations drawn on the map were actual structures {Church, haunted house and the pavilion}, some were not {such as the palm trees and dolphin - we live in Logan, Utah, people, c'mon!}. We drew those things onto sidewalks and left the next clue at those locations {seek rocks on paper picture below}.

We then taped the first section of the map to every door at the apartment complex up our street. After taping the maps to the doors, we headed by to a nearby park. The buried treasure ended up being in a volleyball pit at said nearby park.

Naturally, we staked out that park to see who would come a-runnin' to the treasure!

And a-runnin' they came. Literally. We even marked the spot with an X. 

And those people began a-diggin'!

The only problem was this, Claire and I would come up with these ideas last minute. And since we don't believe shopping on the Sabbath, the buried treasure was just whatever we could find in our home ... such as Ramen noodles and other similarly ridiculous items.  Oh, well. Buried treasure is buried treasure, even if "treasure" is defined loosely. ;)

We had so much fun, we just might need to do it again. 

P.S. Claire and I are always open to new ideas. What do you got for us? 


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How road savvy are you? Take this quiz.


Road Rage

Let's face it folks, there is a lot of road rage out there.

And to be completely honest, I don't think all of it is unwarranted, sans the senior citizen who was flaming mad at me a couple weekends ago while driving to my parents. I have no idea how I got her undies depends in a wad, but clearly I did. Whatevs.

I have decided to give of myself and my time to help eliminate some of the road rage out there, but kindly reminding the world some crucial components of driving. You are welcome.

And lest any of you doubt my qualifications, I got 100% on the driving and written part of my driving test. And the second time I had to take the written part because the DMV failed to renew my license {10 years after I took the original class, without studying mind you!}, also 100%. Honestly, I would be surprised if they come more qualified than I am! ;)

To educate all of you, you are going to take a quiz! Good gum drops, no?

Here are the rules:

+ Read each question and provide an answer in the comments sections for each question

+ Do not cheat! AKA: Changing your answers to what someone else commented or looking on the internet

+ And, clearly their must be a point to this pointless quiz, so the winner will receive a prize!

And without further adieu:

1. On any road with one or more lanes going in one direction, what is the purpose of the left-hand lane?

2. On any road with one or more lanes going in one direction, what is the purpose of any lane right of the left-hand lane?

3. What do two, solid yellow lines indicate?

4. What does a single, solid white line indicate?

5. You are at two-way stop. A car is in front of you going straight. Another car is at the intersection across from you turning left. The car in front of you goes straight. You approach the intersection to also go straight. The car across from you turning left was clearly there before you. Who goes first?

6. How do four-way stops work? How do you know who goes first if you both get there the same time?

7. When are you instructed not to change lanes?

8. What does a yellow light mean?

9. You are making a right-hand turn at a red light {in a state that approves of making right-hand turns at red-light}. When is it appropriate to make the right hand turn {besides the obvious of when it is clear}?

10. What is a safe distance to put between you and the car in front of you?

11.  What is the minimum amount of time you should spend in one lane before merging into another?

12. You are going under the speed limit {for whatever reason} and there is a car behind you. What do you do?

13. You are going the posted speed limit and their is a car behind you. What do you do?

And I think that is all for now. Leave your answers and come Monday for the the correct responses and to see who has won! 

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Am I too possessive of ... my garbage can?

Claire and I recently discovered that the neighbors were dumping their trash in our garbage can outside.

Okay, that's a lie.

Claire discovered it.

We had previously discussed on multiple occasions that our garbage can sure did fill up fast {too fast, to be honest}, but just figured the other tenants in the basement sometimes threw it in our can. And considering one of those tenants downstairs is my little sister, I was okay with that. And the other couple? The husband takes the garbage cans out to the street and does a slew of other kind things, so, that's okay too.

But the neighbors? The neighbors we don't know? Pff.

Honestly, if they would have asked, I wouldn't have a problem. But they didn't. And I think I have a problem because it would never cross my mind to dump my trash in someone else's receptacle. One, it would fill up the garbage so they couldn't use it and two, they actually have to pay for those services. I would never feel comfortable just mooching off of someone else {well, besides my parents, obvi}. ;)

I really want to say something to the neighbors, in the form of a humorous note on the trash receptacle {or something of the likes}. But my question is, am I too possessive of my trash receptacle? Is this one of those situations where you just "let it go"? I do tend to have a habit of speaking my mind in these types of situations. But is that best? 

For realz, what would YOU do?

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Put A Bird On It Giveaway

Hey, peeps.

It's the month of giving thanks, right?

Well, if you haven't noticed, I am giving thanks to you by having a lot of giveaways.

I hope you are enjoying. :)

P.S. Keep on reading to meet the adorable Daniela. I think you will like her. And her shop. :)


Hello! Daniela here. I blog over at Put A Bird On It. I am beyond happy to be guest posting here at Best.Day.Ever! Mindy and I go way back and it's about time we collab'd.

Today, I'm sharing with you what I have decided is the "easiest craft ever" and the day you make it will be your best day ever. It is a Burlap & Polka Dot Quote Display. I love mine. It hangs out in my kitchen most days, but I've been known to display it on top of my piano and on my mantel. It is the best ever because it is so versatile! You can show your favorite quote or photo any day of the year. We all have that "Favorite Quotes" Pinterest board that just hangs out...waiting to be played with...and now is your chance to print out your fave quotes and see them every day.

Remember it's Derek Zoolander-like versatility? It quickly becomes a holiday decor piece when you simply add your favorite holiday quote.

Ok -- ready to do the easiest craft ever?

What You Need
10x10 Burlap Canvas {Mine's from Walmart ($8!)}
Circle Foam Pouncer
Acrylic Paint in your choice of color
Glue Gun
sawtooth hanger, if you want to hang it

The Fun Part
 There are only two steps.
1} Using the foam pouncer size you love the most, daub on your polka dots {use an up-and-down motion}.
2} After it is dry, hot glue your clip to the front of your canvas.
*The End*
Ok, there is a 3rd step. If you want to hang your display, attach a mini sawtooth hanger to the back. I got mine from Target for $1. It looks like this:

Congrats! You've now made the easiest craft ever on the best day ever.

Now the only thing left is to PIN away and find all your favorite quotes to display.

Want to download my favorite quote? I've created a FREE PRINTABLE of the quote shown in the photo, from President Thomas S. Monson - The Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. #imamormon

**Not really up for crafting?? I'm happy to say Mindy and I are giving away a quote display to one lucky reader! You will also get a set of 12- 5x7 Quote Cards, one for each day of the month. You can choose a LDS Quote Set or a Holiday Quote Set.

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below!
A giant THANK YOU to Mindy for having me! Take care!



If you do not understand how to enter with Rafflecopter, please leave a comment or email Mindy {runaholic [at] gmail [dot] com} and I will help you! Only the first two options are mandatory, the rest are optional. You do not have to enter all to be enter to win, it is just like an additional entry to win!

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Facebook Finds Friday

It's been a weird week.

I mean, how many times can you call 911?

Yes, if you are driving a car and crash three times and keep going, I will call the police. And just a heads up, they will send five of them after ya!

And, yes, if you are yelling on the street corner so loudly that I can hear you inside my house, all the while threatening you are going to kill someone and dare the police to find you, I will let them know exactly where you are.

So, yeah. Weird week. 

Since when I did I move to Los Angeles? ;)

And with that in mind ... it's FRIDAY.

Here ya go!

via Claire

via Claire

via Jamie

via Shurlana

via Shurlana
This one isn't meant to be funny, but still it. And sad.
via Claire
via Claire
via Claire
via Claire
via Claire

via ... I forgot. :) If you sent me this, let me know!

I think my favorites are the Waldo one, guardian angel one annnnnd the frighteningly accurate depiction of me in the kitchen. ;)

Which is your favorite? AND!! Do you have any fun weekend plans?


Seaside Sparrow Giveaway

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Rusted Ruby Jewelry Giveaway

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Rusted Ruby Jewelry Giveaway

Don't be fooled. It isn't jewelry.

It's this adorable scarf.

I am teaming up with Jenica from Rusted Ruby Jewelry to give one lucky winner the super cute "Bigs" scarf from Jenica's collection.

You even get the to choose the color!

Ah! So many to choose from! 

So, enter away and may the odds be in your favor! And I have never even read or seen Hunger Games. ;)


P.S. The Seaside Sparrow giveaway is going on until Sunday night. Enter here. You can win an additional entry every day by tweeting about it!


Gratitude shmatitude ....

Everybody is doing it.

That month of gratitude thing ... on social media.

And to be completely honest, I don't know how I feel about it.

I mean, if anyone wants to express gratitude I think that is a good great idea, no matter when or how it is done.

But for me? I think I am out. It's just not my cup of tea to jump on the bandwagon {imagine that, Mindy doing her own thing ... again}. And, there is something that just doesn't sit right with me announcing it on social media. Again, that is, it doesn't set right if I were to post it on social media.

I have seen quite opposites of reactions too. One friend posted that if it was done on Facebook or Twitter it was insincere. Now, I don't agree with that, but a strong opinion nonetheless. Another suggested that we {gasp!} write it down in our journals. I even thought, "Or in our daily prayers." But then again, that's me, unbelievably publicly private. :)

But I digress. As I mentioned, I think it is always a great idea to express genuine and sincere gratitude. So, in my own publicly private way, I decided to express gratitude in the walls of my own home.

I went outside, stood on my front porch, and broke off branches from a little bush. I stuck them in a vase. Asked my sister to make perfectly round circles, with a hole punched out of the top, in super cute patterned paper.

And voila

It's still a little more barren than I would like, but it will get there. :) 

Each little circle has written on it something that Claire, myself or other visitors of our home are grateful for.  

And it is done in a perfectly, private way for me. :)

P.S. For what it is worth, I do believe in them ... miracles that is. I hope you do too. :)

How do YOU express your gratitude?

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If you are a college student, you will want to read this.

When I was receiving my undergrad at USU, I can remember the day student athletes were to pick up our books. They had them stored in a nice little room in the Spectrum, sitting all nicely in a box waiting for you to the pick them up.

I also remember picking up my own books from the USU bookstore and after paying close to a whopping $500 for one semester, seat belting those babies up in my car! If I am going to spend that much on them, I am going to take care of them! Not that it mattered too much though, only getting less than 40% of what the book cost when I would return it at the end of the semester.

Well, folks, those textbook woes are over!

I was recently introduced to a wonderful company called CampusBookRentals.com. Instead of buying your textbooks and only getting a portion of the money back, you can rent your textbook and return it on your schedule!

Some other perks include:

+ Saving 40-90% off of bookstore prices
+ Free shipping both ways
+ You can highlight those babies up all you want
+ The renting time frame is flexible to your schedule
+ Most importantly, for every book rented, CampusBookRentals.com donates a portion of their earnings to Operation Smile

If you haven't heard of Operation Smile it is a wonderful internal foundation that heals children's smile {correcting cleft lips}. 
But, wait! There's more! {Was that a cheesy enough line for ya?}  ;)

If you are like me in my graduate program, I actually want to keep my books {as they relate to my career}. So, renting books doesn't quite fit my life right now. BUT! Through CampusBookRentals.com I can rent MY books to other students, make a profit and still own them!

If you would like more information, check out their websites listed above or view these videos:

I think what CampusBookRentals.com is doing is fabulous! I intend on using them and I hope you do too! If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know and also feel free to spread the word about this wonderful company!

This is a sponsored post. I was compensated for my sincere and honest opinion.


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Seaside Sparrow Giveaway

Hi, friends. I have some good news for you today.

I came across the most adorable little Etsy shop the other day. They are called Seaside Sparrow and sell the cutest bows. For less than 12 bucks you get a set of three! And they have so many prints and colors to choose from!

What is even better? Today Seaside Sparrow and I are teaming up to give away a set of bows to one lucky reader!

New Snow Leopard, Tiffany Blue & Winter White

Winter Teal, Yellow Dot Flannel & Blue & Yellow Floral
And you get to choose which set you want out of these two!

The bows clip in with a barrettes on back and can be used for adults or kids. I absolutely love them and have a set of my very own! So, enter below and good luck!


Facebook Finds Friday | Week 21

I should be in bed. 

But I am not. 

Because I am doing a Facebook Finds Friday post.

Seriously, I need help. Sleep is so much better than this. Yet, I am still here.

At least I finished my paper that is due on Sunday, but if I finish it by midnight tonight I get extra credit, right?

I feel like I am short on finds this week. Know what that means? You peeps have been slackers!

Feel free to send stuff my way via email {runaholic[at]gmail[dot]com} or tag me on FB if we are friends. :) And if we aren't friends, maybe we should be.

P.S. Holy tangents, Batman!


My favorite just might be the states this week. 

Which one is yours?


All the cupcakes!

Somehow, at work, I have finagled my way into being the judge at the annual cupcake contest at work. 

I don't know if it is just luck or that I am just that brilliant?

I'll take the latter. :)

Remember, I got to eat one of all of these! 

Are my co-workers talented or what?!

Which ones are your favorite? I think the mummy ones were absolutely adorable and the ones with little witch legs! 

P.S. This may or may not be what I looked like when I finished.

I would be such an adorable pregnant woman!

P.S. Speaking of pregnant, my co-judge actually is pregnant.

Super cute, no? While a little baby girl is in her belly, mine is just my dress scrunched up so I didn't roll over it with the office chair. :)


To view previous years' cupcakes look here, here and here.
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