When your brain lies to you ...

Thus far, October could be described best by two words: homework and unpacking.

Last last Saturday I finally finished my class and was provided a minor Fall Break. I used that small amount of time off from school to work on the house ... as in decorating, not as in maintenance or home improvement. 

I had a list of 20 some odd things and hit the town. Now, let me tell you, these things were not out there crazy things. We are talking day-to-day things liiike a bedskirt, a pink bath mat annnnd a wrapping paper organizer. 

And let me tell you, after going to six stores and coming out of all of them not having purchased a single item, I wanted to give up on life. But then my brain so logically reminded me that internet has everything.

12 days later and I still don't have the majority of the things off the list.

I.hate.it.when.my.brain.lies.to.me. Clearly, the internet doesn't have everything. And then I am still left wanting to give up on my life.

But who ever gave up on life for a bedskirt or a wrapping paper organizer? I could be the first. 

I am not entirely sure why this post even exists today. Maybe to point out that things exist in my head but clearly not in life. Yeah, I think that's it. 

That's all.

Happy Monday!

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Shan said...

If you want to see a happy face and get a reprieve from your unpacking and homework, come see me on Saturday. I'll be at the Logan Institute for an EFY Express and would love to say hi. :)

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