{Week Four + Four Days}

We have officially moved!


Here are the final days of #temporaryhouse.

Day 21: Heaven forbid we have empty wall space. Put up all the shelves to cover all the walls. Perfect.

Day 22: Because, hey, who doesn't love naked baby art?

Day 23: I pulled a pair of pants off the shelf the other day and this little guy fell out of them. Never seen him before and have no idea how he got into my pants. Maybe the house IS haunted ... by naked babies?

Day 24: Remember how the bathroom has two entries but only one door? I found the second door. It's blocking a hallway from the original structure of the home. What this means is, that door {and the accompanying STYROFOAM above it} are the only things blocking our apartment from the one next door. Styrofoam walls are fantastic, no?

Day 25: Duct.tape.all.the.things!! Not only is the shower put together via duct tape, so are the windows and screens. 

Day 26: This pillar in the middle of the hallway was a most excellent choice. 

Day 27: Every window in the home has additional "decor". No.plain.boring.windows.here.

Day 28: : What is this large monstrosity on the wall? Just the light switch. They all look like that and are that size.

Day 29: For some reason I find this door knocker so creepy. Maybe it's because it is on the back door and if if was to be used we would be opening ourselves up to the unknown of the backyard, which we have been warned to stay clear of 

Day 30: She watches over Claire while Claire sleeps. Literally.

We now live in #octoberhouse. And we are loving it!

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I have had a lot of questions about this house and I am sorry to say I think I have failed answering them. If I get enough questions, I will have another post answer all of your questions. So, ask away!

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Shan said...

I think I would be totally creeped out living in that home.

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