Sneak Peek!

Remember how I moved into #octoberhouse and my bedroom walls were mint?

Not as in you could lick them and freshen your breath, rather the color.

All of my bedrooms since I have moved out of my parents' have been neutral colors, which allowed me to choose freely what colors I wanted my bedroom scheme to be. 

However, mint kinda "ruined" that for me. I say "ruin" because while I will have to entirely re-amp my bedroom decor, mint is a) adorbs and b) super in right now. So, I am okay with it.

Plus, I have found some super cute stuff.

Here, my friends, is a sneak peak of what my bedroom is going to look like.

Kinda in love with it.

Let's just hope it turns out the way I envision it in my head, because we all know sometimes things exist in my head and no where else. ;)

Now, if only ALL the things would get here and I could finish. My patience is wearing thin. Strike that, I never had patience for this in the first place. I just want things to look the way I want them to look NOW. Strike that. I just want things to look the way I want them to look YESTERDAY. :)

P.S. Just in case you forgot, today is Thursday, which means tomorrow is FRIDAY. Oh, praise the heavens for such a blessed event!

1 comment:

Mollie Rose Herrey said...

Totally jealous of those colors. Too bad I have a super opinionated husband when it comes to decorating (how many women can say that??) so he usually picks our color scheme haha.
Anyways, I approve of those colors and can't wait to see the finished product!
Also Friday means??.... FACEBOOK FINDS FRIDAY post. I'll be looking for it :)

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