Mindy the Mormon | #ldsconf

My name is Mindy. And I am a Mormon.

But I don't think that is news to anyone. :)

Twice annually, our Church gathers to listen to a prophet's voice. Yup, just as in biblical times of old when people would listen to prophets, we still do today. 

We do this primarily at an event called General Conference

General Conference is where spirits are rejuvenated and peace is brought to your souls. It is a time when you are reminded of God's love for you. That He hears you and provides answers to your heart and mind.

One of my favorite things about conference this year was the memes that people made. I liked them so much I collected them all together. And am sharing them with you! 

I do not recall all of the sources to which I acquired these. If any of them are yours, let me know and I will be certain to give you credit. Although I do know Elise and Nichelle did do some. 

I know President Uctdorf's quote about doubt and faith was probably the most popular. I mean, you get to decide which meme you like the mostest. ;)

Which is your favorite?
If you have questions about my faith, what we believe in or about living prophets, feel free to drop me a line either in the comments section or you can privately email me at runaholic{at}gmail{dot}com. 


Mike said...

Is it bad that my favorite one is "close quote"?

Shan said...

I love the ones from Elder Holland!

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