Middle Child's Day

August 12th was National Middle Child's Day. 

So, naturally, I am sure it was ignored by most.

However, Jillian Jiggs and I, both being middle children, made sure it was celebrated ... by going out to dinner {as if we need a reason to go out to dinner or as if going out to dinner represents a celebration because if that were the case, we would be celebrating essentially every day of our lives}.

As our waitress greeted us she happened to ask if we were out celebrating. I told her we were and when I told her what we were celebrating she got all excited, because she too was a middle child.

And at the end of the meal?

She surprised us with a bowl of ice cream for surviving being middle children, because she knew intimately what a chore it is to always be forgotten. ;)

Next year, I will be sure to announce the holiday waaay in advance so all of you can celebrate me too {and the middle children in your family}. Also, it is traditional to provide the middle child with gifts on this day. Liiike, trips to the Mediterranean, new cars and other fabulous things they deserve for having been forgotten all of their lives. ;)

Just sayin'.


Yes, I am this far behind on blogging. You can thank Applied Behavioral Analysis in Inclusive Settings for that. Last week alone I had a final, a 10-page paper and three assignments due. Part of the reason I started grad school was because I was bored. No lie. Needlessly to say, I rarely get bored these days. And, that is saying a lot for someone who does not glorify being "busy". I still have multiple birthday posts and a vacation post to write about. We are talking about a month later, peeps. I am trying to get over my OCDness of everything being in chronological order. Because until I get caught up, it just ain't gonna happen.

Happy Monday, friends. :)


Shan said...

Well I'm glad it was a fabulous day.

Mollie Rose Herrey said...

I do miss your Facebook finds Friday posts!! Can you still do those?? :)

Mindy said...

Miss Mollie ... YES! I can still do them. I just got one ready for you for THIS Friday!! :)

Meg said...

I had no idea there was a day for us forgotten middle children. I shall have to remember to celebrate it in future. :)

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