Facebook Finds Finds | Week 19

You can thank Mollie for this post. :)

My favorites are the T-Rex one {one day their little arms will stop being ridiculously funny, right?}, the pills cross-stitched {!!!} and I think the toad one. And, of course ... last one about cooking. I DIE. Ha!


via Shurlana and for all of my co-workers ;)

via Jamie
via Jamie
via Debbie
 Which one is your favorite?


If you find something you would like to share for Facebook Finds Friday shoot me an email or send me a FB message. I would love to post it!


Shan said...

I think my favorite is the princess one!

Mollie Rose Herrey said...

I think my favorite is the princess and old ladies one!!!!
Thanks for doing it again, I always look forward to these!! Just because I laugh my head off every time haha :)

Mollie Rose Herrey said...

Ps. On your blog, I love how you have taken away the "please prove you are not a robot" thing where you have to guess the letters and numbers and usually have to try a bazillion times. It is such a pain when trying on the phone especially! So thank you for making commenting so much easier :)

Emerald Dove said...

Great post! My life is like the one with the toads eating all the cookies! :)

Just Another Teen Blogger said...

I love the princess one! For sure :)

Jennie Grange said...

hahahahha the old ladies taking selfies. thats the greatest.

Dennis and Amber Ogilvie said...

Thanks for making our pre-monday more manageable! That was my favorite one.
Dennis' vote was for the strawberry candy.
THanks mindy!

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