Nephew Two made this.

It is pretty much the best thing I have ever seen. 

I didn't even know he was making this when I pulled that face.

It turned out perfectly, no?

And, yes. This was done in the hospital while visiting my sister.

Who comes out of surgery looking this good?

For realz. No one.

She will hate me for putting this up. That's too bad. If she looked ugly at all, I wouldn't have done it. Serves her right for making people coming out of surgery everywhere look ug-lay. ;)

Now I am going to go watch myself blow up again.

Have a dynamite day! ;)


Mollie Rose Herrey said...

For some reason the top picture doesn't show! :(just fyi. Maybe I'm the only one that can't see it haha

Brooke Watson said...

hahahaha I love that video.

Shan said...

That's so awesome!

Meg said...

Great video. E wanted to watch it over and over.

I definitely don't come out of surgery looking that good.:)

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