{Week Three}

Second to last installment of this unbelievable home!

To see the first installment, click here.

To see the second installment, click here

Let me know if you have any questions and ENJOY. :)

Day 14: When you sit on the toilet, this bow and arrow are pointed directly at you. Lovely.

Day 15: We're serious about peacocks. Okay?

 Day 16: All of these patterns? In the living room.

Day 17:  Gordon B. watchin' over ya in the living room and a bottle of rum hidden in the bedroom closet! 

Day 18: The one-bedroom home has 20 mirrors. 20. And Claire wished me a happy birthday on every single one! 

Day 19: Don't worry, I found the Chokey in my bedroom closet. 

 Day 21: What.is.this? It is not a light fixture.

P.S. One more week and four more days to go! They will all appear in installment numero quatro! 

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Shan said...

My mind is baffled how you can fit all of these things in one house.

Mollie Rose Herrey said...

Love this house, just glad it's not me know it ;) I'll admit... I'll be sad when you leave ;)

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