{Week Two}

I really thought I would be posting a week of photos every weekend from #temporaryhouse. But that clearly didn't happen.

It's been a rough little while, friends. But I think I am finally pulling myself together with all the changes and heartbreaks that September has brought me and I should be back in full force covering everything that was left behind while trying to hold my life together.

That is a lot of words to say, here is week two of #temporary house. Ironic since I am so blessed to be moving in two days!!

To catch the first installment of #temporaryhouse, go here. :)

And without further adieu, here are days seven through 13.

Day Seven: Doors are overrated. These curtains clearly provide enough bedroom privacy? But wait ...

Day Eight: Notice there are two doorways in the bathroom, but only one  door. The curtains photographed for day seven are the only privacy from the bedroom to the bathroom. Slightly awkward when Claire needs to use the restroom while I am in the bedroom. Ha!

Day Nine: Gateway to Egypt? Nah, just the entrance to a dumpy closet. 

Day 10: Chandelier ... on a tree stump ... in the front yard. Insert multiple question marks here. 

Day 11: Who needs grass in the backyard when you have multi-colored patches of carpet?

Day 12: All of these patterns appear in the bedroom. ALL.of.them.

And probably my most favorite thing ever ...

 Day 13: It looks like a mouse carcass dressed in owl feathers? Hello, little buddy. This is on the shelf in the living room as decor.

Wow. I tell ya what ... WOW! That was week two! Return tomorrow for week three!

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Shan said...

Carpet! For the backyard! Seriously?

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